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  • (LOL, a what?)

    1. Squish it
    2. Scrunch it
    3. Throw it

    A dust bunny


    • 1. Feed it
      2. Vacuum it
      3. Throw it away

      A scrunchie


      • 1. Put it in your hair for a side ponytail and pretend you're in an 80's rock band.
        2. Fling like a rubber band at someone
        3. Tie dye it.

        A rain drop


        • 1. drink it
          2. let it fall on a hotplate
          3. let it fall alltogether

          a rubber band


          • 1. Shoot it at someone
            2. Make a slingshot with it.
            3. Use it to keep a poster all rolled up.

            A bubble


            • 1. put a boy in it
              2. blow it to make a bigger one
              3. pop it

              a christmas hat


              • 1. put it on and look silly
                2. use it as a decoration
                3. pretend to be Santa

                a Q-Tip


                • 1.Clean Ears (although, I believe this has now been proven to cause damage to eardrums... so best not)

                  2.Clean an old video games cartridge.

                  3.Oars for a beetle in a tiny canoe.

                  a can of beer!


                  • 1. Drink the contents

                    2. Smash it on your forehead

                    3. Then please recycle, lets not get all trashy!

                    A dead cat


                    • im surprised that the previous post hasnt been edited or reported. thats disgusting. ill ignore the d word.

                      3 things you can do with a cat.

                      1. play with it.
                      2. cuddle with it.
                      3 pet its fur.

                      A toliet paper roll


                      • 1. bin it
                        2. give it to my hamster
                        3. make a spyglass

                        a Keg


                        • 1. Roll it down a mountain.

                          2. Empty it and float around on it.

                          3. Live in it like Diogenes.

                          A snowman.

                          A student who changes the course of history is probably taking an exam.

                          As long as the answer is right, who cares if the question is wrong?


                          • 1. Create snowballs.

                            2. Put a top hat on him and call him Frosty.

                            3. Let him melt in the snow (I don't know)

                            A broken telephone