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If you were a cartoon or comic book character which would you be?

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  • #16
    Sally Brown from The Peanuts.


    • #17
      The Joker

      But he's not even a Super Villain, just a villain....
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      • #18
        LOL Well Hugo Smith. Seems we have a common Interest. Cause ask any one who knows me and they'll tell you who I want to be.

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        • #19
          I wanted to be batman.
          It got taken out right under me.


          • #20
            Sonic The Hedgehog. he is a fast character so yea him.
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            • #21
              Actually Jackie Estacado from the darkness.
              It was a 360 game that started off as a comic book series. Good series to from what I've heard.


              • #22
                kool picks peoples!!!!


                • #23
                  i would be cheetara from thundercats - does anyone remember them? no one i know does - im pretty sure it wasnt just a weird dream
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                  • #24
                    Lenore, The Cute Little Dead Girl.

                    My name is Lenore and I feel half dead most of the time but I ain't cute.


                    • #25
                      Originally posted by Lebnny View Post
                      Lenore, The Cute Little Dead Girl.

                      My name is Lenore and I feel half dead most of the time but I ain't cute.
                      Love Lenore! The cartoons are soo funny!

                      For me: Foamy the Squirrel


                      • #26
                        I would be Peach from T3LP by Bourgyman