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  • I like the last picture that Becky posted - only that cat looks...well like a cat actually I mean he reminds a "normal" cat
    Number one looks more like a hamster; No 2 - is it a real animal or a stuffed toy?; No 3 (cool photo by the way) starting from left - Almostinvisiblecat, Pantherfacecat, Whattheheckcat, Madmaxcat, Halfcat; No 4 is obviously a cat of tea; and finally No 5 - can't say anything about it because the huge head completely distracts me.

    Of course I don't mean to offend any of those little cats just making fun of the pictures

    I have two dogs (an Alsatian and long-haired dachshund), one black cat (oh yes, but plain ordinary "rooftop-cat" as we call them here) and my pretty Red-eared Slider and one small fishy
    anyone got an new game to share?

    I don't sleep 'cause I don't want to

    Excuse me for not responding to private messages on time


    • I love my dog<333

      Want more pictures of Chinko?
      Ask me


      • Lol! somehow the last one looks evil!


        • Photoshopped


          • My pets

            I have two cats, a dog, a long billed corella (think cockatoo) and three chickens.

            Kira cat and Leela are obviously the pictured animals, Leela is a Great Dane/Irish Wolfhound cross. The others I don't have pics of on my computer.

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            Don't Drink's a laundry detergent!


            • awwww! you have really cute animals!!

              *~The Shining Star of GH~~*

              The riddlers gang: Vivi, Sumitra, Hunter, Bizarrochick, Monkey, Archaicdome, and Teeodd!
              June 15th is fundayja day! July 9th is Teeodd day! July 10th is Sumitra day! July 11th is Shining day! September 13th is Crazy day! September 18th is Robot day! October 13th is Party 4 Ever day! March 15th is Archaicdome day!

              *~a proud Mommy to be~*


              • thanks shiningstar, the photobucket link shows all our 'pets' including the varied wildlife that takes over the property (no pics of snakes though as we aren't too keen on those)
                Don't Drink's a laundry detergent!


                • ive got 2 dogs and 1or2 kittens which i have no pics of


                  • I luv raccoons...


                    • God and Dog song

                      Here is a nice little song for people who love their dogs.



                      • I have a lizard named Arnie. He's a Kimberly Rock Monitor lizard!!

                        I've published a book about him, you can see pictures of him here:

                        ~Official Author In Progress~ = um actually.

                        I'M A PUBLISHED AUTHOR NOW!!!

               - My very FIRST book!!

                        Totally addicted to Bass, wow ow oww!


                        • Congrats Daisfunky. I read the book online and learned a lot of new stuff! I was wondering does Arnie ever get out of the vivarium?


                          • Hey

                            Aw kira is so cute =]

                            all my cat pictures are here->


                            Tiger is my cat, he is the Bengal spotted one, the other cats are my friends.
                            Zach (working on sig)


                            • This is Spot. (He has a white chin, and on the underside, a small little black spot.) He's a cat that we have had since I was about 7 years old. He lives with mom now and is a 23 year old cat. I love him.

                              Click image for larger version

Name:	Spot 1.jpg
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Size:	142.9 KB
ID:	1692199

                              Click image for larger version

Name:	Spot 2.jpg
Views:	1
Size:	174.1 KB
ID:	1692200


                              • He is really cute!!! 23 years of age ..Wow. I'm sure you love him dearly, being a companion during childhood and growing up!
                                My cat Lümmel is 12 years old.. a youngster compared to Spot. I hope he will do just as well as your Spot.

                                here is my kitty cuddleling with his pal...
                                Last edited by clwulf; 01-28-2010, 22:40:39.