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Hermit Crabs

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      I am soooooo sad. I am going to get another hermit crab in a couple of hours, so sharkie will have a pal.


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        Vault...I"M SO SORRY TO HEAR THAT!!!!!! Poor Herman. Poor Sharkie. Poor Vault!!! I completely understand because of when my Herman was around... But, you know, you gave him a lot of love and attention...and that's what's important.


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          I guess so, at least sharkie is still here... I have gotten over the initial shock, but I will always remember him.


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            Of course you will. He was your little buddy.... At least he was loved. I hope that getting a new one makes you feel better. I know it won't replace Herman, but it will be another one for you to love.


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              I just got two more crabs, Rocky and Cheese


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                Nice names!!! Lol!!!!! Can't wait for you to get a digital camera or something!!


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                  perfect names
                  Da pudding turtle fanatic
                  Da PM spammers's fanatic
                  THE ONE WHO LIVES IN PUDDING

                  I am the loony bin chip eater
                  GFARDTO Chip eater
                  WOO SITE!
                  ( )_( )

                  R.I.P Kairi the guinea pig and Helena the rat
                  Online family: Sister: Super_T.
                  Brothers: Hugo_smith and awesomeman


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                    Hermit Crabs

                    I like my 2 scarlets and the 4 little blue legged crabs I have. But I have to disagree that they dont get too big I have one Big A blue legged crab that is such a bad boy When I watch him in the tank its like he is violated all of the corals and he is always the one to instigate the fights bw another big hermit who is black with orange stripes. I think I have another two really big ones one that is dark green and another that is black with little white stripes.