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cholesterol alert

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  • cholesterol alert

    Today some friends and I drove to Tomball, TX. to Mel's Cafe. It is the home of the Mega Mel Burger.

    1.5 pounds of fresh ground

    1 pound of bacon

    .25 pound of American cheese

    lots, lots of lettuce, tomatoes, onions & pickles

    If you eat in 2 hours or less you get on the Wall of Fame and a T-shirt. Nobody in our group tried but a guy at a table near us did. That's our group in the background.

    Click image for larger version

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    We left before finding out if he finished but his chances didn't look good after 20 minutes. He was already in pain.

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    I put away two 3/4 lb hamburgers one time. Maybe I would have a shot. It looks bigger than the ingredients list suggests though.


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      There are better pics on the website. They keep track of how long it takes for the winners to eat it. Believe it or not the best time is 9 minutes by one person. Two have finished in 10 minutes.


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        The only food challenges I have taken were all related to hot stuff. I put habanero peppers on a lot of what I eat, so I am used to extremely hot food. I haven't failed one of those yet .

        There is a place in Pennsylvania that has big burger challenges. I have always been tempted to try.


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          the other day i ate a burger at this new place that opened up in a city not too far from where i live it was, A full pound of angus beef 5 slices of apple wood smoked bacon american swiss and cheddar, 2 onnion rings on a multi grain bun with a full plate of fries i ate it all and wasnt overly full after ward but that was the most food i have ever eaten, it had a steak knife to hold it together, i had to cut it into fourths to eat it but it was really good. Idk if i could eat it again. It wasnt an eating challenge just a big burger