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    Good idea, Heart
    A friend of mine says she can "see" the "people on the other side". She once asked me if I would like to join her for a "session" with them. I politely declined her invitation. You never know when and how you can upset the people on the other side, you know?
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      I don't use ouija boards or use seanaces if I enter a haunted place and start with a prayer before I enter,don't ever dare to with demons ever.
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        I want to try is and I watch ghosthunters. I saw one ghost saying goodbye before he left this world but I don't know any haunted places. Or places to get equipment. Or how to use it. Or someone who would actually go with me and not run.

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          GH's Gaomon Fanboy from Boston, MA!


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            No to what?


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              lol hmm there is supposedly a haunted road less than a mile from me well thats great lol and its a killer ghost who killed their daughter oh great


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                My friend is moving, and I was helping her pack up. It was us two in a two story house. NO ONE ELSE IN THE HOUSE BUT US. We are in the kitchen on the first floor, packing up her dishes. She was over at the stove and I was at the kitchen counter, right under her bedroom. I could hear thudding noises above me, even thought the only two people in the house were my friend and I. The thudding noises sounded like kids (10-12 years old) wrestling and playing around, even though my friend has one child, a 20 year old daughter who was miles away from the house at the time.
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                  Originally posted by 2 Tails View Post
                  this is not a gamershood planet topic at's a poll.
                  This poll will say if that Ghosthunting is fun or you wanta try.
                  And yes I think it will fun.
                  it is fun i do ghost hunt and more


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                    Last halloween after midnight we went ghost hunting at the cemetaries and we got a picture of a guy in a cloak pointing at the gravestone which we didnt see this till the pics were developed nd we got alot of lights streams across our pics, mist in front of a tomb and a ton of orbs. We are going again this halloween and im takig a digital camera.