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    I'm deathly afraid of ouija boards... whats your view on them
    Lets play...Lights off, Doors and windows closed, etc.
    I believe in the spirits
    The other people move the planchette/cursor
    Im deathly afraid and wont go near one
    Im afraid but Ill play anyways
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    i have never played the ouija board and i dont think i ever will

    but i dont think it is real, i think the other people move the glass
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      well my dad brought me up never to touch them, I've heard him mention a couple of times about when him and his friends did one, but i had just overheard him talking to his sister and friends.. when I asked him about it he won't say anything, he just goes a little pale and 'worried' looking...
      thats enough to keep me away from them

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        It's a very very very bad thing to mess with spirits and such, dont ever use them Well thats what I think....
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          my mom told me that she knew someone that used one and a whole lot of bad stuff happened to them...

          and my neighbors have one(i wont touch it) and one day 'sam' said he was using one alone and then he left it on his floor and went and laid down for a little while and then he looked down at the board and then there were really bright lights comming in from his windows and door and they all met above the board and went down into it... it sounds fake but i believe him cuz ive known him all my life.

          then another time he and his sister were in his basement watching a movie(with the lights iff) and the board was on the pool table and he looked at it and there was a glowing face on it. yea that seems fake too but i believe them
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          Husband: Someguy
          Son: Gameguy49
          Big Sister: Grigtho

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            I'm not afraid of ouiji boards that are mass produced from Milton Bradley or something - but I don't think I'd go anywhere near one that wasn't. I can't think anything good could come from it.

            But when I was younger I actually owned one I bought at Kmart () and when I had sleepovers my friends and I would use it. But it never moved. So one time I moved it. Freaked them out, but then I came clean and told them it was me. They sprayed shaving cream all over me for that one.


            • #7
              how do you move them without them seeying

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                they just move it when their finger is on it

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                simply didn't know where to go shopping."


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                  I've done this a lot w/ my friends but nothing happens...we just scare ourselvesand one time when we are playing one of my friend turned on the light and we all saw a white lady standing near us and we all screamed and run but my bestfriend noticed that one of our friend is missing in the circle and my bestfriend wispered to me that it was our friend who is missing in the circle so I grab her feet and pulled her hair then she laughed and we all laughed
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                  • #10
                    yes yes i've heard stories about things happening about them too.. it's true

                    i played an online one by myself befores.. and tried with someone else lol......... it says you got to ask questions allowed(ima dummy OUT LOUD or aloud).. be patient.. etc....................... i was drinking a little bit too one time(says you ain't supposed to) so then i got ticked off and swore at the spirits lol... i don't think they liked it so i apologized.... and then i forgot to say good-bye too so i said good-bye... I am very sincere to the spirits.


                    • #11
                      i have never seen one but i know they are scary but onetime my mom played it with her freinds. Then all of a sudden my mom and her friends started screaming because they could see blood on a tissue but they thought it was on the floor. Turns out my nan had a nose bleed and tricked them in making them think it was part of the game. But since they had to much fright they didnt play the game.
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                      • #12
                        A WHADDA board?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
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                        • #13
                          Suzy you pronounce it as "Wee gee". There's an article from Wiki here.

                          "Whoever said money can't buy happiness
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                            Thank you Gamershood forum for teaching me proper English without realizing it.


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                              I have tried it once. Someone from my old class and I played it. We made the board our self (we just wrote the letters on a piece of paper). Then we played it in a empty room in the school. There was a big window in the door to the room where we played, and many peoples were standing outside to watch us play. We started to play, and we got a few letters (but I was sure that one of us moved the glass). Then suddenly someone screamed: They have forgot to thank the spirits!! Everybody outside the room just freaked out and ran away; we that was playing just laughed at them. When we was done we had heard that we should burn the board, so we started to walk out to the school yard, I was holding the board, and while we walked i felt that the board suddenly got very cold! everybody else that touched the board also felt it We got a little freaked out and hurried to burn it.
                              Nothing freaky happened after we burned it, but I haven’t tried to play since then...
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