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Favourite Car

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    I have to say that the older (1930-1970) cars are very cool. They had much more personality. Myself, I like a 1932 Ford Coupe....Or a 1940 chevy delivery sedan.....or for sure a 1965 Chevy Chevelle SS.
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    • #32
      I voted for Ferrari and Jaguar..I love sports cars
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        lamborghini murcielago i became a fan of this car after playing NFS.... :-)
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          Bugatti Veyron - I drool over this car every time it is on Top Gear lol, if only I could win the lottery

          Until I do I also love my little car too - Mazda 3
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            I guess my favorite car is our newest,'09 Jeep Patriot Limited 4WD Trail Rated.

            But I do have a soft spot in my heart for my '92 Dodge Ram 2500,turbo Cummins diesel,long wheel base,extended cab 4WD.
            A huge,hulking beast of a vehicle that rides horribly,has the turning radius of a semi,only carries 2 people,noisy & smells bad But it has never gotten stuck,in fact I used it one winter to un-stuck a road grader & another time to pull out the local news truck that had come out to report on our virtually impassable roads.
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            • #36
              Aston Martin-it's not a car it's a masterpeace for me
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              • #37

                They are so awesome!
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                • #38
                  Smart. Never driven one, but they're really cute (if that adjective can be used to describe a car )

                  My second favorite would have to be Nissan, as the car I drove during my driving lessons and test was a Nissan.

                  Edit: Smart as in "Other"