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  • Baseball

    I absolutely love baseball.

    I 'watched' my first game today and it was awesome!

    I don't really get how it works but it is just the best game I have seen in a long time. Not sure if we have pro-leagues in my country but I'm sure the US would be way better anyway.

    *Sigh* So good.

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    I don't know about girls but baseball for me was something I could barely wait to get old enough to play. There was something magical about your first catch in a game, first at bat and the motherlode...getting your first hit.


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      My son won his Little League baseball Championship!! He was on the White Sox, (although we are Cubs fans!!)

      My son is the little one on the far right, (the only one with a belt on), oh and no hat (par for the course, he forgot it, had to borrow one for the game..ugh!!)
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        WTG on winning the championship.

        Having said that let's discuss the team name. White Sox? Uh...well the coaches are wearing white socks.


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          Thanks RBS!!

          hahahaha! I thought about that myself, wondered why they were supposed to wear BLACK sox!!

          Last edited by stitchy; 07-01-2009, 23:37:56.


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            Oh that is so gorgeous!

            That kid with the sunnies looks like John Bellushi!

            Great photo.


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              Woohoo!! Congrats to your son, stitchy!!! That's awesome!!!


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                cool stitchy, you never know your son could be the next A-Rod (just keep him away from the likes of Madonna)

                Baseball isn't really big here but the Australian national team away does pretty good in some of the international tournament.

                I've watched quite a bit of the MBL since I got cable and it's really enjoyable.

                One of the things on my to do list when I one day get to the States is to go to a game and have a hot dog and one of those ridiculously over sized beers


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                  Congrats to your son Stitchy

                  Baseball isn't popular here...


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                    Me too Shooter!!! Maybe number 2 on my to do list tho!


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                      Hey, thanks everyone!! Shooter, you changed your Avatar!! nice! Are you watching WGN on cable?? I went to Belize a long time ago, and the only US station they got was Chicago's WGN, so they were Chicago fans, at the time it was basketball season, so they were all Bulls fans. You are always welcome to come our way and go to a Cubs game with the kids and me! We'll take you and your hunny out to Wrigley Field for a Ball park hot dog and a big beer!!

                      What's number one leaper?


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                        no we get some games on fox sports 3 and some on espn.

                        Big beer


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                          Oh thats one of the funnest things to do go to a MLB game in the us they are soo fun the last one i went too i guess me and my friends had a good time even though we didnt see much of the game it was sooo fun i love going to baseball basketball and football gaes it soo awesome and since my aunt works for a tax company and is good friends with the boss we get the company tickets when they dont use them first row in football gaes in the in zone, second teir first row in basketball games or on the floor but the floor you cant see good, and idk how to explain the baseball ones

                          the last game i saw was the boston oreials againts the texas rangers (texas won of course ) we went to boston the see it when we were in dc for a school trip awesoe game But i cant say anything about the oversized beer im a few years too young


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                            Sounds like it was lots of fun, Funja!!!

                            Here's another one (with the borrowed hat! haha!!)

                            Last edited by stitchy; 07-02-2009, 08:28:22.


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                              World Series

                              What? Only the 3rd inning. What's the delay?