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General Information: How to make a game

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  • General Information: How to make a game

    Since I receive the same questions over and over again, I would like to collect here the answers to those questions. I will try to update this thread from time to time. So instead of sending me a PM, read the information listed here very carefully. Thanks

    (Last updated June 2008)

    How do you make a point-and-click game, room escape game, or another type of featured game?

    If you plan to make an online game, you need to use Macromedia Flash Professional. Unfortunately it is expensive, and you need scripting knowledge. You can download a test version for 1 month.

    You can also use Javacript.
    Meanwhile you can also create simple javascript based online games with Adventure Maker (no need of programming).

    Simple flash online games can be also created with the free software Liveswif (thanks to Zomayor for sharing this info with us).

    If you would like to make a downloadable game, you need a game engine. Game engines can be freeware, shareware or commercial. Depending on the engine, you need to know more or less about scripting. Some engines don't need any knowledge of scripting, however your creativity will be limited in that case. Also pay attention what the limitations are for free versions if there is also a full/paid version.

    List of game engines (where you also find more information about them): (for Mac users)

    Single engines: (RPG creation) (new!) (for platform games) (for classic adventure games)

    Tutorials for PowerPoint Games: (new!)
    (PowerPoint 2002/XP and above)

    How you make the game depends very much on the software that you use, and can't be answered here. Take a look at the different programs listed here, and look at their tutorials and manuals. Many engines are available at least for a trial period if they are not free. So you can try out if you get along with them or not.

    As soon as you know with which software you want to create a game, I would recommend you to visit their forum. Or even before you choose, look around first, what kind of help is available.

    Usually you also need a software for creating your game screens and sprites (if not included in the game engine). You can use a 2D programm or a 3D programm. There are a lot of programs to choose from, they can be freeware, shareware or commercial.

    You might also be interested in this subforum (Artwork and sounds in games) where you can read more about this topic:

    Where can I upload my game?

    You need to upload your game to your homepage, or to a free file host.
    Examples of free file hosts:

    Related Articles for further reading: (Contains a lot of articles about programming for beginners) (Big online library of articles about different aspects of game making: Programming/Arts/Game Design/Music and Sound etc.)
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    If you want to make Flash based point and click games a useful game engine is Lassie AS
    games such as Nearly Departed, Something Amiss and 3DA where made with Lassie

    there is also a tutorial wiki being built


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      i get it but [B]how[B]do you make a game!!?
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        Originally posted by clucker
        i get it but [B]how[B]do you make a game!!?
        Look for tutorials online,Google is your friend

        And it would be hard to give you a straight answer since you haven't really explained what engine or software you're using.
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          The first post has been updated in November.

          In addition I would like to announce that Adventure Maker has been further developed, so that now you can also create simple iPhone/iPodTouch games which also run in the built-in web browser.

          The new version Adventure Maker 4.4 has just been released!

          And for the ongoing contest, now also games for iPhone/iPodTouch are accepted apart from games for Windows.


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            I have created an online tutorial for Adventure Maker with a lot of illustrations, for absolute beginners:

            Click Here (For Internet Explorer only!)
            (You can click at the bottom right corner in order to see a full screen presentation)


            Click Here (less good quality, but compatible to different browsers)