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Hand of kings - multiplayer deckbuilding 4 x strategy game

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  • Hand of kings - multiplayer deckbuilding 4 x strategy game

    Hello all,
    My name is Indrek, and I'm an indie developer from Estonia and since last february I've been working on a fun project of mine - hand of kings. This is a multurnbased strategy game, where you do everything by playing cards that you draw from your deck. One game lasts for 1 - 2 hours.

    The game is inspired from dominion, through the ages and mage knight board games, and civilization computer game.

    Hand of kings is currently in alpha, but you can already play a full game which starts from agricultural era and ends with one player dominating the ancient era.

    So right now I'm looking for play-testers and also trying to reach the potential audience, as I believe there are lot's of people who might be interested in such a game, as I haven't quite found myself quite like that. But if you know something similar, then please let me know, would be really interested.

    Currently you can play it through . you have to download the client and start a server either in-game or on-site. There is also a small tutorial .pdf I suggest using together with playing.

    Thanks, and feel free to post questions and feedback.