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    Hey guys, didn't know where to post it, please move it to the right forum if it doesn't belong here...

    I need some help with something, while working on a level for my upcoming Javascript Riddle, I made a level which I'm not so sure of the logic behind it, basically it's like a 15-Slider, except it's not a 4x4 square, umm here check it out yourself:

    Now, it's obvious that without the center cell (button) there's nothing you can do but spin all the numbers around, so the center cell is the key, but how do you exactly use it? the objective is to arrange the numbers (press the "Level 1" button twice to see a hint of the objective) now as I said the center cell is the key, you can put any number you want in it, spin around the other numbers as much as you like then put it where it belongs, but here's the problem, when you put it in it's place (as in take the number out of the center button) there's only 1 button which you'd have to put into the center cell, even if it's already arranged you don't have a choice of what button to put into the center cell after you've already put one out...

    Play around with the thing and try to arrange them and as soon as you arrange the first 6 numbers, you'll see what I mean...

    Is this riddle possible? or is it like a full Rubix Cube which is possible but very hard? if you can solve it, please explain the logic behind it, if you can't, then it's back to the drawing board...
    The Calculator

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    Don't go there! There are already enough ways to make people dislike you.

    The main problem I see with this idea is the fact that one cannot change the position of a single number without upsetting every other number. Traditional slider puzzles have 2 to 4 directions of movement depending on the position. This idea limits you to 2 but only in 2 places. The rest is linear. That is; you can only change between the two points where movement can be made by moving the empty space around the puzzle to the other side. This means every move disrupts the order of every other piece.

    Slider puzzles are solved line by line until the last two lines which must be solved together. Likewise, Rubik's cube is solved layer by layer. This puzzle cannot be solved without the whole puzzle being addressed at once.

    Unless this puzzle started at the solution and was then randomised through moving the pieces in the puzzle, the puzzle is likely to be unsolvable.

    Frankly, if i was given the choice of solving this puzzle or typing a 20 page essay while wearing boxing gloves, I'd want help with the laces.
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      Thanks for the tip, I've already scratched that level cause I'm more concerned in making a fun riddle rather than a challenging riddle, I've already made a normal 15 Slider level and just wanted to play around with it since I already have a script for it and stuff, here's another solution I tried:

      Though it's not finished, it does not check and tell you if you've answered correctly...

      Or even better yet:

      Is this one solvable and enjoyable in your opinion? it doesn't work yet cause I didn't configure anything I just added the arrows...but meh, it looks ugly anyways...:p
      The Calculator


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        To be honest, I saw the word "Slider Puzzle" and saw the shape. I didn't really think about the potential to rotate the numbers and slot the one you had in when it's space arrived.

        Nonetheless, no matter how many paths you have to the parking space, it is still a tedious process to rotate the grid by moving the empty space.

        Might I suggest adding the ability to rotate the entire outer ring with a single click? That would shorten the process to parking the number, moving the space to where you want to place the number, then rotate the "dial" until the space is accessible. It also removes the problem of having to place an already sequenced number in the parking space in order to be able to rotate the puzzle.


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          That did cross my mind, but I didn't know where exactly to put it since it's more fitting in the center, and the center button is a cell, maybe I'll add two rotating buttons later today...
          The Calculator