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Altoid Sour - Curiously Strong

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    if u realli need help

    i finished it!! finally!! it took me like about an hour? lol


    for the people who need BIG help and do n e thing

    1. ur outside.... you go to the left and get the bag baking soda

    2. you go talk to the guy in the coat-- he'll give you this highlighter

    3. you combine the highlighter and the mint thingy and it'll become this yellow thingy..

    3. go give the mint thingy (not the yellow one) to the lady who is first line and she'll spit out her gum... and you combine the gum with the yellow paper thingy..

    4. go inside of that door.

    5. when ur inside... go to the right... and u'll see this bartender dude. go to him and talk to him about the bathroom thingy so he'll give you this bat and a key

    6. use the key/bat on the door that is locked(the bathroom)

    7. when u arrive the in the bathroom.. go to the right and you dont have to talk to the old guy... just click on the mirror and open it.. then you'll see this bottle of vinegar... get the bottle of vinegar
    8. put the baking soda and bottle of vinegar in the toilet... (if it doesnt work... dont worry~)

    8. leave the bathroom and go to the door next to it..

    9. and click the right two times and get the items... the dvd case thingy thats next to the huge big bird and and this unicorn thing on the table/chair..

    10. then go back (click the left twice) and give the unicorn to the girl who has the glowing stick.. and she'll give you a glowing stick

    11. go to your right and talk to the statue and then leave that room and go to the lounge..

    12. give the DVD to the fat chubby dude next to the bathroom and he'll be you volcano sacrifice

    13. then you can enter.. so then leave go back to the room next to the bathroom and click the wall that was the writing

    14. then you dont have to talk to anybody and keep on going right..

    15. and there's this table next to the blue guy and the gguy in glasses.. there's an item and get that item-- itz like another mint but itz peppermint.(it might be sumtin else not peppermint/.. i dont remember)

    16. give the mint(not the peppermint one but the one you had from the beginning of the game) to the guy who looks like a ganster (the guy who's all wrinkled and has nose rings?) and he;ll give you a mixer.. if he doesnt go talk to the girl/... she's ur date..... n e way you have to talk to her anyway... so talk to her and she says to give you this flame thingy drink

    17. so leave the room and go back to the lounge.. and put the glowing stick in the mixer and then the peppermint thingy in the mixer...

    18. then ... since ur in the lounge.. you still have that bat... you put the bat at the window and it;ll get these mangos with you.. and you put the mangos in the mixer too...

    19. then go to the person who's spinning upside down..(next to the bartender.. go right twice) if it doesnt work go to the girl (or ur date) and talk to her and go back to the spinning dude and give him the mixer and he'll mix it for you... and after it's done mixing you give the drink to the girl and you're done ^^

    i'm sorry because i didnt remember exactly everything.. keke
    well i hioe this helps ^^


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      yey I beat it without the walkthrough above

      The only trouble I had was making the drink
      Do the Dew


      • #18
        Originally posted by melody
        how do you get that stupid gum?
        give the woman the book thingy duh!!!!


        • #19
          Originally posted by Unregistered
          i fin game it easy
          how do u get past the statue!!!!????


          • #20
            the stupid statue!!!!!!!!!!!!

            Originally posted by Unregistered
            i fin game it easy
            how do u get past the statue!!!!????


            • #21
              the statue

              Originally posted by Unregistered
              how do u get past the statue!!!!????
              do you mean the statue that is the dude that tells ya to do the human sacrifice?

              um....... you have you have to do the volcano sacrifice by having vinegar anf bakingg soda and put it in the toilet and if you have the DVD thingy about space thingy(i think)
              then you give that to the faat and chibby dude and he'll be your sacrifice


              • #22
                man that kid is ugly
                Do the Dew


                • #23
                  Originally posted by MountainDewMan
                  man that kid is ugly
                  thatz true lol


                  • #24
                    the game is ****


                    • #25
                      I was kinda confused, At first, But that was because the altoid strips look like a book... o.O


                      • #26
                        Originally posted by Unregistered
                        the game is ****
                        You most likely said that because...
                        A) The game is too hard for you
                        B) You hate advertisement games, Even though they can be decent.


                        • #27
                          the gangster man with all those piercings wont take the peppermints. he's to angry or something.. what sholud i do? any help? fast hehe


                          • #28

                            help!! my inventory disappeared with no trace!! i mixed the glow stixk and th e mixer then it just disappeared! a message appeared that says it isnt healthy! now its gone!! were do i look for it again? waaaa..and to think i repeated from the start like 4 times alredy coz my pc sucks i have to reboot it like 4 times...i dont wanna start all over again for the 5th time!! im about to burn my pc here!!! any idea??? guys help


                            • #29

                              I finally beat the game. It took me a few hours but it was well worth it.


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                                Originally posted by Unregistered
                                the gangster man with all those piercings wont take the peppermints. he's to angry or something.. what sholud i do? any help? fast hehe
                                I know that happens to me too, anyone no wot u gotta do to make him take the goddam altoids!!!!! i followed walkthrough but it aint happening!
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