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Find the Dwarfs (Episodes 1-11)

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  • Find the Dwarfs (Episodes 1-11)

    Help the Dwarf

    Click cage to let dwarves out.
    Click dwarf that gets left behind.
    Click blue circle above books in floor..view the numbers
    Get green pencil from middle of bright green stem on right of plant..
    Click small pic of lion to reveal a directional drawing..
    Go right, use pencil in picture on see 21..(this tells you the order of corners on kobe pic)2 is for left top corner 1 is for right corner..
    Go left--Click on kobe pic on right wall..Now we go back to the previous numbers you found..
    While zoomed in on kobe pic..Push top corners of pic like so.(RIGHT OR LEFT CORNER)
    Now push kobe button
    Get cookies
    Go down and right
    Place cookies in bowl on table..
    Pick up one cookie..
    Click pic on bottom of wall to reveal mousehole..
    Click hole and place cookie in..
    Mouse brings you a key..
    Use key on cabinet to get milk..
    Place milk in pink bowl on floor..
    Go back to hole and get catfood..
    Place catfood in blue bowl on floor
    Click on bowl of milk again to get star key..
    Zoom out,go left
    Click left corner of carpet to see a panel pad..(referring back to lion pic drawing)

    Push 1,5, 6, 8
    Get knob
    Zoom out click between plant and door to reveal a very small door..
    Place knob on door ,use starkey to unlock..

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    Find the Dwarfs

    Save the Dwarfs

    - Click hidden doll in left tree
    - Click ghost on cage
    - Click on 4th apple
    - Click bird twice
    - Open door on cage
    - Click string in right tree
    - Click spider
    - Click onion figure
    - Click dwarf
    - Play whack a mole
    - Click dwarf twice
    - After fall click dwarf
    - Click rope and dwarf
    - Click rocks on the right (high and low) until moles appear
    - Click moles until they disappear
    - Click ghost
    - Click rope and when he swings to the right, click the dwarf and he will jump off the rope
    - Click twice on wheel
    - Click door in the middle and solve puzzle
    - Click dwarf until he's by the rope ladder and he'll climb
    - Click switch
    - After cutscene click dwarf and succes.
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      Find the Dwarfs

      Find the Dwarfs 1

      1. Bottom right side of door.
      2. Behind broom.
      3. On broom where handle is attached.
      4. Inside Pumpkin.
      5. On picture between lion and friend.
      6. Top right corner of picture frame.
      7. Behind picture.
      8. To the right of picture shelf--dot on wall.
      9. Left side of the cat on the left.
      10. Underneath middle cat.
      11. Behind the cat on the right.
      12. In forest picture, bottom left.
      13. In forest picture, middle right.
      14. Under middle of TV, left side of stand.
      15. Under bottom right corner of TV, dot on wall.
      16. Right drawer, upper left.
      17. Right side of opened right drawer.
      18. Left drawer, inside CD holder.
      19. Left drawer, under CD holder, left side.
      20. Left drawer, right beside drawer, to the left.
      21. Top of Happy Halloween banner, above second 'P'.
      22. Top right corner of Halloween banner, barely visible.
      23. Raise pumpkin on left, in Left eye.
      24. Raise pumpkin on left, in Right eye.
      25. Directly behind top of center pumpkin, on wall.
      26. Raise pumpkin on right, hanging from bottom right.
      27. Under bottom right corner of carpet.
      28. Above curtain, top left corner.
      29. Below bottom right corner of curtain, on wall.
      30. Bottom right corner of window pane.
      31. Top right corner of opened curtain.
      32. Next to the mirror stand, left.
      33. On top of mirror frame, left corner.
      34. Inside witches hat.
      35. Inside pumpkin.
      36. Lid of pumpkin, hanging from right side.
      37. On dress, dot on center of bodice.
      38. Behind dress, just left of waist.
      39. Inside cabinet, behind red doll.
      40. Bottom corner of opened cabinet door.

      Door key is behind opened curtain, bottom right. Curtain is in the scene with the three pumpkins. Click top of screen to see curtain.


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        Find the Dwarfs

        Find Dwarfs 2

        First scene: 9

        1:Clocks Hand
        2in Holding the Paper on the wall
        3:between the numbers 11.18
        4:Lift corner right of paper
        5:Open that thing with the snake
        6:Move Snakes Head
        7:Top right of door (looks like one of the circles in the wallpaper )
        8:Open drawer there's one inside
        9:Hanging from drawers right side

        Second scene: 12

        10 & 11 :Lift left cane there's 2 in there
        12:Move cape (looks like a circle in the wall)
        13:On top left of magic box
        14:Click the paper on the wall into it falls on the floor
        15:Lift Pan lid there's one hanging from right of lid
        16:close lid click middle of pan there on on top of the rat
        17:Click on the rat and he runs there's one behind it.
        18,19,20: Magic box click the middle part there's 3: one hanging,one smashed and one standing on top right.
        21,22: Click bottom left of were the cane is there's 2 little ones click the rat and he gets the key.

        Third scene: 10

        23:Click on one hanging from the curtain string
        24,25,: Click on the string to see the the curtain there's one on bottom left of window,one hanging between the strings of the curtain.
        26: Close curtain there's one on left side on the window frame
        27: Click the curtain several times a little one falls go down.
        28: One behind top right the first big box on the left
        29: Lift small box there's one underneath
        30: Click on the rope looking thing there's one
        31: Click on the toy on top of box so that he falls
        32: Click on top of where toy was standing there's one inside

        Fourth scene: 8

        33: Click the blue balloon there one hanging from it between balloon and string.
        34: Click the orange balloon It'll pop one falls on the floor
        35: Move red ballon there's one behind
        36: On the shelf move (what looks like a toy house) there's one hanging
        37: Move books on bottom shelf there's one behind
        38: Move pic with lion there's one on top left
        39: Click right of doors where the cake is there's one by the right candle
        40: Open second door there's one by the rat


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          Find the Dwarfs

          Find the Dwarfs 3

          First screen:
          -behind 5th ball from the left
          -in the wreath on the door
          -under the hat of the snowman
          -left bottom of snowman
          -snowman ’s right hand
          -click bottom right of snowman to see behind it
          -under the biggest Russian doll

          go left (screen with the fireplace):
          -in the glass of wine
          -under the middle dark holly leaf
          -behind the leaves at the right
          -the 5th ball from the right
          -click in the fireplace to zoom in
          -left side of the fireplace
          -2 on the floor
          -click the brick to open it
          -right side of the fireplace:
          -on the floor the right of the screen
          -click the mouse hole
          -behind the big mouse
          -click the mice to make them eat the cake
          -right side of the chimney pot:
          -on the bottom right side of the screen
          -the key

          go left (screen with snowmen):
          -the nail of the right sock
          -behind the right sock
          -under the hat of the biggest snowman
          -under the hat of the first snowman from the left
          -upper left corner of the carpet
          -bottom of the left sock

          upper screen (window):
          -on the holly
          -5th ball from the right
          -bottom left side of the window
          -click the curtain:
          -upper right corner
          -Rudolph’s nose

          go left (Chrismas tree):
          -bottom left corner of the screen
          -the brown bauble
          -the decoration on the tree
          -click the star there 2 dwarfs
          -zoom onthe tree pot:
          -on the left of the pot
          -in the pot
          -click on the brick in the middle of the pot to open it
          -the apostrophe of X’mas
          -click above the 1st green ball from the left.


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            Find the Dwarfs

            Find Dwarfs 4

            1.Open pumpkin
            2.lift white spoon, hanging on the bottom
            3.on cooker hood in light switch
            4.switch on and off extractor fan a few times.
            5.cupboard below pumpkin, under worktop on left
   right door, on top of open door on the left
   left door, on middle character on yellow label
   view of red door, top left on brown stripe.
            9.Turn right, on centre plate
            10.on microwave button
   microwave door, hanging underneath
   bottom draw, eating cheese
            13.also bottom right corner of open draw
            14.behind pink doll in right cupboard
   between fridge and cupboard, in spilled milk
   the gap again, behind right mouse
            17.make all the mice eat doughnut, on right hand side top (also key)
            18.Bottom draw of fridge, lift tomatoes.
            19.lift leeks and peel back lettuce leaf
            20.Middle draw of fridge, bottom left
            21.between ice cream tubs
            22.In top of fridge, in container
   yellow egg tray, lift up the eggs
            24.Turn right, move apron bottom left
   picture on shelf
   flower pot
   view of recycle bins, on wallpaper on left
            28.Open blue bin, bottom left of screen
   symbol on front of green recycle bin
   green recycle bin
            31.turn right, on button of dishwasher
            32.behind dishwasher to the left
   dishwasher, one on top
            34.hanging from open door
            35.zoom in on sink and turn water on
   left corner of sink, legs sticking out
            37.right hand cupboard above sink, hanging from open door
            38.left cupboard on brown box
            39.cupboard below sink, right hand door top of red pot
            40.left hand door, peel bottom right corner of grey square on pipe


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              Find the Dwarfs

              Find Dwarfs 5

              First view:

              Lower left wooden frame
              Upper right wooden frame
              Behind far right flower
              Behind vase
              Lower left corner of wall hanging (above black square)
              On wall hanging - black dot above swoosh
              Inside sliding compartment on left
              Click further inside compartment to get one behind right mouse
              Keep clicking mice until they eat the cake to reveal one more
              Back out to first view, click lower right of closet are (on the wooden floor) - two in plain view and one on the wood on the far right, halfway up the screen
              Tricky one: click the wall hanging starting at the top and moving your way down - keep clicking around the bottom to get the hanging to swing to the right to reveal a dwarf near the top.

              Go to the right (Cat View):

              On bottom left of wooden frame
              On bottom right corner of wooden frame
              Halfway up divider of black frame
              In left cabinet - one in plain view, then click on colored part to reveal pillows
              Starting with top pillow, click one at a time to reveal on at left corner of 3rd pillow and one on bottom right under last pillow
              Back out and click on right cabinet, click box
              One on bottom left behind box
              Click on box lid to remove it
              One on bottom right under lid
              Click red balloon (?) until it disappears to reveal a dwarf
              Back out and click round part of cat's collar
              Click cat to move it and reveal a dwarf behind it

              Go to the right (Window View):

              Bottom left of door frame
              Middle of red on door
              Click lower left wallpaper near door & floor to make a rip and get a dwarf
              Lower right of window frame
              Click window to put in full view
              Far right of screen halfway up
              On wooden frame to lower left of upper rightmost pane
              Behind lower left leaf
              Click pane that is 2nd down in the first column to create a crack & get a dwarf
              Exit view

              Go to right (Dog View):

              Lower left where back of circle meets its base
              Dog's eye
              Behind blue bowl
              On picture
              Behind picture - one in between picture & its support, one where shelf meets wall
              Get Red key sticking out from behind picture
              Click right leg of base
              Click mouse to get a dwarf
              In same view, on top of black base near the wallpaper


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                Find the Dwarfs

                Dwarfs in the Farm

                In the main scene (without zooming anywhere)
                1. Get worm in the grass at the bottom of the screen. Sort of looks like a little brown ladder.
                2. Peeking out from behind the grass beside the rocks.
                3. Sitting on the cow's leg in plain sight.
                4. On top of the red roof of the house.
                5. Bottom right of the mountain.
                6. Get shovel off top of Exit sign.

                Click on the lake to zoom in. Be sure to select the worm before you click the lake.

                1. Swimming with a little floaty tube.
                Now click on the little birdie and watch him fish. Take the fish.

                Select the fish then click the house. Open the door.
                1. On door handle.
                Give fish to the bear who is carrying a bag of seed.

                Select the shovel and click on the rocks. A sunglassed platypus pops up. Take the dwarf off his fin.

                Back in the main screen, select the bag of seed and click on one of the brown circles. Click the sun three times. Clouds come in and rain. Take the dwarf hiding behind the bird with the umbrella. Click where the sun was before again to make it sunny. Do this two more times until a dwarf shows up on the far right flower.

                Get bait from behind bear in the house. Give to cow and take dwarf behind it's ear when it eats.



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                  Find the Dwarfs

                  Dwarfs in Winter

                  Click the snowman’s hat and get dwarf (1) sticking out from the bottom of the lifted hat
                  Click the grass to the right of the snowman -- there is a dwarf (2) on a long blade of grass about in line with the cabin (keep clicking around to find him)
                  Click the lump on top of the tallest mountain -- it is a dwarf in the snow (3) (you do not zoom in)
                  Zoom in on the hill with the black line on in on the right side of the screen
                  Now wait for the snowboarding dwarf to stop and get him (4)
                  Zoom in on the yellow bird
                  Click his hat for a dwarf (5) on his head
                  While zoomed in, look at the small fence to the left
                  At the closest end to you, there are scissors -- get them
                  Zoom in on the cabin
                  Get the shovel to the right of the cabin
                  Click the door to go in
                  Click the left green cushion and get the dwarf (6)
                  Click the wall hanging (near the bottom of the hanging) for another dwarf (7) -- he’s at the top
                  Click the bowl of black firewood and get the matches
                  If you inventory is open, use the matches on the fire (click the matches and then the fire). If it is not open, click the word item to open it, and then light the fire
                  While still in the cabin, make sure your inventory is closed. See the pole holding the fish pot is double thick near the ceiling?
                  Click it for the fishing pole
                  Leave the cabin
                  Click the snowy evergreen tree to zoom in -- see the white piece sticking out to the right of the tree where the tree forms the second point from the bottom?
                  Click it and find a kite, but the dwarf is tied up
                  Use the scissors to free him and then capture him -- dwarf (8)
                  While still zoomed in, see the darker pile of snow to the left of the tree
                  Use the shovel there to get a dwarf (9) -- dig slightly left of center
                  Go back to the main scene, and click the bird again
                  Give him the fishing pole and get the frozen dwarf
                  Go back into the cabin, click the pot lid, and place him in the pot over the fire
                  Get the toasty warm dwarf (10)
                  Go outside and click the EXIT sign by the bird.


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                    Find the Dwarfs

                    Dwarfs in Spring

                    Get gray dwarf (1) from big cow, it's one of his spots.
                    Click small cow to move it, click paper for dwarf (2) and code (red, yellow, green, blue)

                    Click house, get dwarf (3) from behind left flower and note that there are 2 yellow flowers.
                    Enter house, move piggy bank for dwarf (4)
                    Click bottom left of wall painting for dwarf (5)
                    Note that the blue clock is set for 3 o'clock

                    Click pond, then move rocks at top left to find knife.
                    Click each of the bamboo shoots at bottom left to knock them down and find dwarf (6)

                    Click tree trunk to see chicks picnicking. Use knife on rope to get shovel.
                    Click bottom left of blanket to get dwarf (7)

                    Back to pond, knock the top right bamboo shoots down and you'll see an arrow. Use your shovel to dig where it points. Click frog and he brings you a key.
                    Take key, click back out, then come back to pond again to click frog once more. He leaves pond.
                    Click him again to see that green is 6.

                    Back to house, use knife on apple to get dwarf (8) and see number 7.
                    Now you have red 7, yellow 2, green 6 and blue 3. Enter code to open cabinet (it doesn't tell you it's open, you have to hit the back button to see it) and retrieve candy.

                    Take candy to the picknicking chicks, and put it on the plate.
                    Click big chick, then little chicks to have them each eat a piece, and you can now get dwarf (9) (the brown ball of candy).
                    Click big chick to eat the last piece, and use key to open chest. You'll get magical powder.
                    Click back out and put magical powder on tree. Click back to chicks to find last dwarf (10).

                    Click the exit button by pond to escape.


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                      Find the Dwarfs

                      Find Dwarfs in Summer

                      • Take the first can from the sea.
                      • Click on the chick on the door of the igloo-like house to find the dwarf #1.
                      • Dwarf #2 is in the back of the flag on top of this little house.
                      • Zoom in the yellow house (top right) and take the dwarf #3 from behind the right bushes.
                      • Go to the right of the house and get dwarf #4 from the roof (bottom right corner of it) and the second can, go back.
                      • Zoom in the house again and enter in it by clicking on the door knob.
                      • Click on the right side of the picture on the wall (to move it) and find dwarf #5 on the 4th Japanese character.
                      • Zoom in under the cabinet and make the mice eat the cheese, get dwarf #6 and go out.
                      • Zoom in on the bottom right part of the game screen and get the dwarf #7 from the sign (it’s the O in ‘throw’).
                      • Zoom in on the right of the trash can to get dwarf #8 and the third can.
                      • Put the 3 cans in the trash can (one at a time) and get the string from left of it.
                      • Now one of the chicks is drowning and you should rescue it... use the STRING in the hole on the beach to make the crab come out and take it.
                      • Go inside the house again and use the CRAB to cut the wire keeping you from opening the left door of the cabinet, take the lifesaver and go out.
                      • Use the lifesaver on the drowning chick to bring it back on shore, along with a stick.
                      • Zoom in again on the bottom right part of the screen and give the STICK to the blindfolded chick… now you should direct it with the left button of your mouse to cut the watermelon. Take the dwarf #9 from inside the fruit and go back.
                      • Finally, use the STRING in the hole on the beach to take the dwarf #10.
                      • Exit…


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                        Find the Dwarfs

                        Find Dwarfs in Monochrome

                        1) table under cloth
                        2) middle of clock
                        3) bottom drawer
                        4) below door handle
                        5) under right side of bed cover
                        6) zoomed on code box, right of cage
                        7) behind teddy bear in bookshelf
                        8) behind the gift (lower part of screen)
                        9) behind the cabinet
                        10) lower left corner painting


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                          Find the Dwarfs 6

                          1 left bottom door frame
                          2 behind yellow bearshape in the door
                          3 in same scene at door frame, to the right/middle
                          4 in mirror image
                          5 next to mirror lower left in wallpaper
                          6 in fridge, behind left bottle
                          7 on fridge door when you open it
                          8 behind fridge on ladder
                          9 in mousehole behind left mouse
                          10 behind blue figure above bed
                          11 under the right train part
                          12 under pink toy
                          13 on the dog's tail when lifted
                          14 lift left part of blanket
                          15 to the left of the bed
                          16 in drawn tunnel
                          17 same view, in door toy train
                          18 behind the red photo frame
                          19 on the photo frame itself
                          20 at the hour arrow of green clock
                          21 between the photoframes when lit
                          22 in lamp + a red key
                          23 top drawer, between pencils
                          24 bottom drawer
                          25 in front brown book behind right door cupboard
                          26 inside dustbin
                          27 on edge dustbin (zoomed in)
                          28 under cabinet
                          29 under cabinet
                          30 on left leg of cabinet
                          31 under ball
                          32 rocking horse's hair
                          33 under rocking horse when you move it
                          34 on "B" of book cover
                          35 apple's crow
                          36 dog's nose
                          37 on window blinds when closed
                          38 after opening window blinds
                          39 on bird after clicking right tree
                          40 on horse's back after playing with window blinds