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Castle Breakout - Escape! Room Escape game for iOS

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  • Castle Breakout - Escape! Room Escape game for iOS

    Dear most important guests of GamersHood. Got what we think is a pretty fun room escape game. Has animated animals in nearly every room, and many are interactive.

    I'll pay $1 for beta tests to each of the first 50 signups. Just post your email and pseudo name and I will send you an iOS TestFlight email from Apple.

    I want to start a discussion here on what you like, don't like about the game!!!



    PS. here's what my most recent beta testers are saying about the animals...
    these beta testers came from I'm on the board of advisors there - and hey, if you want to make more money, I suggest you sign up with them!!! they take young beta testers as well ;-)

    “[Animals] Its coolest addition to the game”, Roma Sky, 28 year old man in Russia.

    "I really liked the animals in the game specially the tiger in level 7. It is very nice touch to the game.”, Vrishabh Phade, 23 year old man in USA

    "This application is excelent representative of its genre. This game can be one of the best game. Pets bring a lot of fun. Very good functionality. I like the animals are participating in the gameplay (you need to feed the bobcat, kick away the cat). And the very environment (doves and dogs) fit perfectly.”, Cyril Krasnobaiev 26 year old male in Ukraine

    "Very very much! I liked very much the level where you have to feed one to go forward”, Paolo Tarli 22 year old male in Italy

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    OK, let me be perfectly clear. Please shoot me a private message with 1. your iTunes ID, and 2. your PayPal email. There! That's it! I'll shoot you the install.

    Here's the web address of the game...


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      Binning it

      A student who changes the course of history is probably taking an exam.

      As long as the answer is right, who cares if the question is wrong?