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    Hayy Guys im stuck on the bit where you do the cable into the comp and i have already put it into the socket but i dont know what to do now!


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      Hello!! I just found this game.. Can anyone help me.. I found a lot of clues but I can't figure out what to do with it.. Can you open the door on the second floor??
      I'm not stupid, I only have bad luck when I think!


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        plz.. anyone solved it?


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          i just can not get the safe, i tried a kinds of books but it's not woring for me I have the 3 books that open but after that????, middle shelf ,2 book on the left?, i'ts not working for me....can someone help me


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            What the he**

            I have spent the last two days trying to figure out this game... I have spent two hours on google trying to fing a walkthrough to help me get further... I am stuuuuck and I am going INSANE.

            ANYONE; do you know of a walkthrough or something? I am loosing it!

            Thank you in advance... I am not sure I will be able to leave my computer before I figure this out....need daylight.. and my fridge is empty...


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              Crossword and Goethe

              So I too am jammed up on the flippin' bookcase. I've read 3 reviews on how to get in and still can't get it to happen. This bites.

              2 questions outside of that though. Did anyone ever complete the Crossword in the Hornchuch Star? I was thinking of doing this to see if it gave any more clues.

              Secondly, did anyone read any Johann Von Goethe? There was something in the Horoscope section of the Star that said you would end up reading this guy.

              Also does "Protocol" which appears on Dennis Horen's Hat in his Lottery picture have any tie in that you've found?

              God help me I will get to the damn safe one day and actually be able to participate again.

              The Stoutmaker


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                Some guy who made this game is sitting in his empty studio apartment right now laughing his ass off at the thought of all of us trying to solve this game!!!

                I'm kidding...anyway...I followed instructions in post #33 to get to the safe and it worked for I don't have the password for it I tried all the passwords people have left here and nothing works HELP!!!!


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                  lamp secret

                  did anyone see already that the lamp next to the computer seems to have a secret message when you click it?

                  does somebody now already the password for the complete contract on the sable+shuck site?

                  great game


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                    Anybody here...? What is mobilephone's PIN code?


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                      Tons of Clues

                      The tips here about getting to the safe behind the bookcase are fairly reliable...I've done it twice.
                      Click on the first shelf where you see the gap between books, you should see the second portion of the ticket stub. (the first is under the apple on the desk by the computer). Then, click on the second shelf...again where you see the gap between the books. You cannot read the page. THEN, click on the third shelf over toward the right, I think it appears to be a smaller gap there as well. You also cannot read the page, except at the very bottom you will see the word, very faintly is Lucifer. nothing....the book at the far left will drop down and then the bookcase will move. You will see the safe.

                      At the safe:

                      put the following:

                      Then the safe will open.

                      Once the safe opens, click on the book-like object on the right. This is the DIARY.

                      This is as far as I have gotten with the clues in the safe. I have been READING this diary for 2 hours. There are a ton of links in there.

                      Links will lead you to, among the many suggestions so far, hornchurch star, stella antonio, institute of contemporary arts, sable and shuck. The links to inferno cargo and trident air do not work.

                      From the many clues that you will need to weed through from April 2004 to October 2004, it seems that Dennis might be a lottery winner..but in his picture on the phone he has one eye showing and something like a snake in the middle. See clues for 5/22 and another about the archeological discovery of the face mask (cannot remember the date). Other references that come up often are: The book of star; the wicker man; star wars; and Churchill's black dog. Other links that do not work are: TRON man and mini robot.

                      Hope this helps.

                      I have not looked at the hornchurch, stella, or sable sites yet. The warnings are so ominous. It's enough just getting through the diary. But, this appears to be a very dark tale!


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                        Correction Correction

                        On the bookcase:::
                        The third book is on the same shelf as the second book but to the right. Click in the space.

                        To get into the safe:::

                        First put 5045
                        Then the safe will open
                        Click on the book toward the right

                        Then put
                        NAME: jon harker
                        PASSWORD: ibidem

                        The interesting clue about Dennis see 5/10 and 5/22.


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                          Very interesting discussion about The Hiding Room, Sable and Shuck, etc. can be found at this link. Pardon, but I don't know how to post the link without directly pasting it here. TY

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                            Game Over

                            Originally posted by Unmentionable
                            Very interesting discussion about The Hiding Room, Sable and Shuck, etc. can be found at this link. Pardon, but I don't know how to post the link without directly pasting it here. TY

                            Link removed
                            After reading the first and last two posts on the site link above, it can be reasonably concluded that the Hiding Room game is over. Further, reading on this site indicates that the Hiding Room falls in the category of an ARG (something with which I was unfamiliar). But, it's all about advertising.

                            The reason for the conclusion that the game is over is BECAUSE some of the links needed to get further along in the game have bad links now. This was, of course, an advertising ploy from 2004 (two years ago). So, the trident air, the omni publications, and the inferno cargo sites no longer exist and the ability to go to the necessary places for more clues no longer exist either.

                            So, if you are looking for the man in black, the devil is in the details! That's where you lose him today.

                            It might be worth a trip to the link above though if you liked the intrigue of this ARG. There are some new ones that have just started and that will be starting shortly. And there are monetary rewards. One that is sure to end in the near future is giving away $100,000 probably any day now for the top scorer.
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                              Sable and Shuck website

                              I punched in the longitudinal and latitudinal coordinates that I found on the sable and shuck website on google and came up with this forum, don't know if it will be helpful to any of you, but check it out.



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                                password for safe

                                the password for the safe is 5045. It's the # you find when you look over the kitchen.