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Biography and Home of your character on GH Planet

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    I am declared a Magnifique french dork (once again) of GH planet. I like cacahouetes or peanuts, and I dream of zee land of Paris, even though I donot have pics 2 make an island. I have unze amies, which simply means 11 friends, that is true.....
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    I am an elite member of GFARTDO

    I am the witch of GH planet!!

    Also french partner of HeartoftheDark


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      Alittle something like this
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      Life is not a problem to be solved, but a mystery to be lived
      "The best way to cheer yourself up is to try to cheer somebody else up."


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        Name: Wirodeu
        I live in the Gh hotel room 556.
        I just returned from heaven. I died. Twice.
        I was bored so i came back.
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          age 16
          room 444.. why? cuz i love the number 4
          i like muffins and hockey and HARRY POTTER!
          i dont live on a specific part of GH or any island...i just have the hotel
          im a girl
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          Sister Dia <3
          Elite Member of GFARDTO

          Why Are YOU Worrying about You-Know-Who?
          You SHOULD Be Worrying About
          U-NO-POO -
          the CONSTIPATION SENSATION That's Gripping the Nation!

          Why so Serious?


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            Originally posted by Mcakkay
            age 15
            room 444.. why? cuz i love the number 4
            i like muffins and hockey
            i dont live on a specific part of GH or any island...i just have the hotel
            im a girl
            o.o 444 is the number of evil in japan
            Don't stop if I fall
            And don't look back
            Don't stop
            Bury me

            And fade to black
            my music my love my life
            room 778. I'm a chef :3


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              But, it's me. Do I have to write MY biography then? I really don't want to bore you.


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                not if you dont want to...


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                  2.Lives on lot 4 of the Gamershood Desert
                  3.Uses the Dark Side Of the Force
                  4.Carrot Scientist

                  I am the The Looney Bin Sith Lord
                  Carrot Scientist

                  visit my profile for a cwl sand model!


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                    name is sum1
                    youngeset active member on gamershood
                    in room !600!
                    member of da looney bin
                    dont live in a looney bin area or planet but will be soon
                    i am.....

                    bat cat mateys: george147, escapegirl, darknight ,
                    mystery, Becky, onebun, lilliput , lili, jenni, electrogirl, mitty and doglover!jcatlz101 if youwant to be my matey just talk to me

                    oh and....
                    my best riddle: to finish: no one yet!


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                      Name: Neener
                      I stay in room 914 of the GamersHood (floating) hotel
                      Not a member of the Looney bin just a good scout lol
                      DA Goofy Hawaiian Seal of GamersHood

                      Lost in a room trying to escape

                      Beam me up scotty!


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                        My name is Rannei, I live on my hotell room, 555.
                        I also have a hut in the desert. on lot 2.
                        I'm the Ninja of the looney bin
                        And I'm a carrot scientist
                        Ninjas have more fun
                        I'm the Ninja of the Looney Bin
                        Online Family:
                        Brothers:...........Wirodeu and Bread


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                          How can I get there?
                          I am a Genetic Engineer in CST and in room 010 in GH Hotel

                          I have my DICTIONARY with me every time. Even now

                          Sister: Neener
                          Favourite Moderator: EscapeGirl
                          Other Friends: Mistery, Liliputt
                          Walkthrough Team: Neener, Jcatzl101

                          Visit my website!


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                            It's described here


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                              Originally posted by Da Walkthrough
                              How can I get there?
                              Uhm... where? The GH planet, the desert, CST, the GH hotel, Loony Bin...what? *Feels puzzled*

                              STILL struddling


                              PURPLE HELL is back and burning!! See you there!


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                                1. gamershood rock (GH rock)

                                2. lives on lot 6 in the GH desert

                                3. occupation: saving the universe.

                                4. favourite food: PIZZA!!!