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Saving Brickshooter Egypt

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  • Saving Brickshooter Egypt

    Every time my laptop updates and reboots, I lose all the progress on this game and have to start over.

    How do I save it?

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    Do you play online or do you have the free trial download version or the payed version?
    Faily of Kzin



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      It never says my trial is over. so must be the payed version.


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        Not Necessarily. You cab't remember paying for it? But honestly I have no idea what the cause is of this loss of progress after an update and reboot that does not involve the game itself. If you were playing the online version, I would say it's cookies based. Have you tried to contact Big Fish Games?
        It is their game and they should how some ideas why this happens.
        Faily of Kzin