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  • The Wooden Horse by Eric Williams


    • New Moon by Stephenie Meyer
      Thank you Gamershood forum for teaching me proper English without realizing it.


      • Great Expectations for the third time!!

        1st time - In school read a quarter of it.
        2nd time - A few years later read half, then didn't read for a few weeks and then promptly forgot what was going on!!

        Determined to finish it this time!!
        Badwife of my husblonde gh1!

        Still searching for "the bit underneath"

        My Riddle:- Little Red Riddling Hood Current Temp End 39

        On holiday: 27th Aug - 10th Sept


        • im reading 2 books
          revenge of the vampire libaren
          second childhood


          • Reading the second book of the Doom Novel Series "Hell on Earth"...
            The Calculator


            • reading the CHERUB series again, by robert muchamore

              up to 5th already!

              (ive read them like 5 times but they never get old)


              • the pact by jodi picoult
                my fifth wide reading book


                • halfway through 7th now.

                  Cant wait for the 11th, coming late this year!!! wooooo!


                  • The forest of the pigmies

                    but it's summer reading so it's kind of boring

                    Respect the eclipse


                    • I am currently reading. Of Mice of Men. So far, so bad, so many curse words, so many bad things in my head.


                      • I just started reading Dooley Takes the Fall by Norah McClintock
                        This is the first of this trilogy
                        She has also written these series

                        Chole and Levesque
                        Mike and Riel
                        Robyn Hunter

                        These three series are awesome
                        I cant wait to read more from this authour


                        • Just finished the Liveship Traders trilogy by Robin Hobb it is a really good fantasy series
                          I'm Hungry, let's get a taco, Thirsty? drink moloko
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                          • got bored of dooley takes the fall
                            now reading something wicked by Alan Gratz

                            this is the sequel of something rotten
                            the series is called Horatio Wilkes

                            the author says these books is shakespeare with a twist

                            something rotten focused on hamlet
                            (since horatio is a character from that play)
                            this book focuses on Macbeth
                            its really good so far


                            • Well ive read quite a lot over the holidays, it was SO hot in france. I read the Lord of the Rings, i wanted to see what all the fuss was about, and i was BLOWN AWAY. Seriously,if youre a good reader and havent read them, you should. they are a classic and tolkien is a master storyteller, you can almost imagine sitting on his knee as he reads to you.
                              After reading them i read the whole earthsea quartet (a wizard of earthsea, the tombs of autan, the farthest shore and tehanu) ive read the first but a friend on the holiday had the four and i read them all. If you like lord of the rings i would recommend this, slightly similar. However a new one has been released so ill get that soon. Ursula K. Le Guin (the author) chaged her mind and wrote another.
                              Then i read Shades Children by Garth Nix. AMAZING seriously, its just incredible, i liked his keys to the kingdom series but after this book he became one of my favourite authors and when i got back from holiday i bought the first book of another series, Sabriel.(im reading it now its really good so far)
                              Like i said it was very boring on holiday

                              When i got back from holiday the 11th book in the CHERUB series, Brigands M.C. (the one i mentioned above) was released so i bought it and read it in one day (i couldnt stop myself i wanted to read the end) Just beat the first book to be my favourite.

                              Anyway phew, thats what ive read so far, when ive finished sabriel ill get librael
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                              • Nothin

                                I'm not reading anything right now too busy with school.