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    I was reluctant to join the whole "Twilight" craze.
    All I had ever heard of it were comments from horomone-crazed tweenage girls. And all they did was swoon over "Edward."
    So, in aggravation, I avoided the whole topic.
    Eventually, I spoke to more educated individuals on the matter. A girl that worked at a book store provided me with a very intellectual view on the saga.
    Admittedly, she piqued my interest.

    So I watched the movie, to see what all the fuss was about.
    Because I'm cheap, I watch bootlegged versions of movies online on my computer.
    Because of the poor quality, I couldn't fully understand what was going on -- such as when Edward steps into the sunlight and begins glowing.
    So I got the books to understand.

    The books are well written, but repetitive.
    "He's gorgeous and mysterious, and I'm plain..." seems to be the reoccuring theme.
    Right along with "I can't believe I have him, I don't deserve him..."
    The book was written so well, that I decided to stick with it.
    Stephanie Meyers is extremely gifted when it comes to putting words together.

    After reading the entire saga, I was glad I had.
    The story was definitely addicting at certain points.
    Though I was disappointed in the fourth book when...

    That was the only part I considered a let down.
    Though Bella's self-consciousness made me want to smack her.

    Furthermore, the Twilight saga is like the new Harry Potter.
    It's getting younger children eager to read, which in itself is exciting.
    It's coinsedence that Rob Pattinson(sp?) played both Cedric Diggory and Edward Cullen.
    But if I meet him one day, I plan to tell him that he looks exactly like the guy that played Cedric Diggory. Just to be a pain. :p

    Overall, I'd give the saga a four out of five.
    I enjoyed it.

    ...and just because I know it's a popular subject...
    I'm so on Team Jacob. And Team Emmett.
    Edward was always too serious for me.
    At least Jacob and Emmett had a constant sense of humor throughout the novels.
    Kate the Great!

    lover. <3


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      I liked the books after I read them but I never loved them...and when I had first read it no one else had realllyyy gotten extremely into it yet and now everyone is all "twilight OMG like its sooo awesome edward is my husband and I love sparkly vampires"...It's annoying..
      I also found the movie terribleeee. I couldn't stand it. I am not spending $10 to watch the other ones..I'll wait till they come on the movie channels on my tv lol

      Jacob and Emmett are my favorite too!! They have the most character and realistic personalities. Edward and Bella are both to clingy and childish. Honestly I loved when the books were from Jacobs side of view..I hated to go back to Bella lol
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        Well even though I'm an oldie.. I did enjoy these books. They were cool. I read all 4 in 4 days (yes, yes.. speed reader, bookaholic). Some parts annoyed me.... but still good. I'm not fussed on seeing the movie they never seem to do a book justice but I know i'll watch it eventually when it comes on TV one day. I have seen those T-shirts around that say "I kissed a vampire, and I liked it" or something like that, now I know what they are on about.

        I think if it gets kids reading it's gotta be good.

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          I really liked the books, I knew about them before it became a hype, but always forgot about them XD
          I read the first 2 books in dutch, finished them in a day and a half. And read the last 2 books in english, finished them in 2 days.
          Stephenie is an amazing writer, altough I think the Host is a little bit hard........but I'm reading it in english, so maybe that's the prob
          The movies are okay, the first one sucks to be exactly, altough I have seen it like a dozen times. And the second movie is awesome, well the wolves are awesome and there six-packs ofcourse

          I think that the whole glitter vampire stuff is weird. A vampire doesn't glitter!!! They aren't shiney, when the are shiney the look well kinda weird! A vampire dies in the sun, or as in the vampire diaries, they have something that protects them against the sun.

          Well this is what I think about the books and the movies. Tomorrow I want to go to eclipse with my mom, so I hope that she doesn't have to work late
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