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  • OneBun
    Thank you for posting your game. We really don't have too many dress up games here. You may submit games only in the new games section, but game links only please. All other links are not allowed. Please see our rules for further details. If you would like to discuss beyond this point of what is allowed. Please send a private message to the administrator to discuss anything further. Thank you.

    This one you don't really "win" at so I'm moving it to our creativity section.

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  • New1000
    Quite simple and a tad boring (Example: No Music)...
    Then again, im not a fan of Dress Up games.

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  • daisydressup
    started a topic Manga Dressup

    Manga Dressup


    Noticed that the topic for game submissions is closed, so I hope I'm posting this in the right place

    We've developed a new game that we would like to show to share and we would appreciate it very much if you'd add it to

    Here are some infos regarding the game:

    Game Title: Manga Dress Up Makeover
    Short description: Dress up this Manga girl with cute outfits and give her a makeover with makeup and a new hairstyle!
    Full description: This cute Manga girl needs a quick makeover before she heads out to meet her BFFs! She wants to try out a new makeup look and also to change her hairstyle! Dress her up with a cute outfit from her stylish wardrobe! To play this game use the mouse to drag and drop items you want Manga girl to wear!

    Play Large:

    Play Smaller:

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