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  • Pokemon Thread!

    Let's talk about pokemon!
    GH's Gaomon Fanboy from Boston, MA!

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    lol i knew you would make a thread like this my fav pokemon is pikachue(did i spell it right?) he's just so cute!
    I am and will always be a timetraveler


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      pikachu is spelled like this right?
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        Tails, I just knew this would happen.
        Click here to play a fun online game called Duels!

        CLick here and join a fun online game:


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          Pokemon,i have been playing pokemon ever since the 1st game was released.
          I love pokemon games. My favorite pokemon is Sandshrew!


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            Hi everybody. I am going to introduce you a new web based Pokemon game.
            I played and enjoyed a lot so I want you to come and play so game will be more fun.

            This game is totally different from other Pokemon games. It is based on the original Pokemon GBA games.
            This is the most important feature of this game. The Developer is a computer engineer who has graduated
            from one of the best universities in Turkey which is Istanbul Technical University.

            He is developing this game by himself so the game development speed is not very fast at the moment.
            It is solid and updates are regular. He is listening to everybody suggestions. This game is supporting two
            languages at the moment(Turkish & English). At game page you can find community links to ask or suggest
            anything about game.

            I am very sure you will also be pleased to play this game like me. It may be a little hard to
            get used to playing the game at the beginning, but when you learn how to play you will enjoy the game a lot.
            It has so many different maps and will have a lot more when the game is finished. Mind you this is still just beta.
            I still have a lot of work to do. I love users input and I take in into consideration. Please come and try my game.
            Please let me know what you think of it and what can be better on the forums. Thank you all, I really appreciate it.

            You can check the game page announcements for more detailed game news.

            Game Main Page:


            There is a old game introduction video. It is old, but still may be quite useful for you at the
            beginning. Although, you may notice quite a few things a changed for the better.


            Have a nice day.Thank you for taking your time to read about my game, and before leaving here some screenshots
            from the game.
            These were taken on November 10 2009.



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              pokemon takes me back
              ive seen the gold and silver reviews, love it


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                i just love you PIKACHU


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                  I love torterra