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Conceptis is misappropriating Strimko puzzle

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  • Conceptis is misappropriating Strimko puzzle

    Dear Friends,

    We thought you should know that on August 10, 2009 Conceptis Puzzles launched a "new" puzzle concept which they call Chain Sudoku.

    It's nothing else than our Strimko concept which they simply STOLE, and now use without any authorization or licence from our end, and credits.

    The Strimko concept is our original invention launched in November, 2008, at Since then, Strimko has been officially published on Puzzles.COM, Math Puzzle, Smart-Kit, PuzzlersParadise, Archimedes Lab, and BrainBashers. And recently it has been published in the September issue of GAMES Magazine. The Strimko puzzle is explicitly under our copyright, and isn't in a public domain.

    We've warned Conceptis that if they use the idea of Strimko (under any name) with the same features as our Strimko, we will understand that as a direct and clear infringement of our intellectual property rights. They didn't accept our warning and did their step, STEALING our intellectual property for their commercial use.

    It's an absolutely new situation to our puzzle Family. No one in the World before this case has dared to STOLE our ideas for commercial use. It's obvious that this situation deeply impacts and compromises us and our puzzle business especially connected with Strimko. So now we're seeking for some possibility to restore our intellectual property rights.

    I'm sorry to disturb you with this matter, but I thought you must know about this extraordinaire (and quite puzzling) fact.

    And just to add to the matter, here's a fantastic message from our visitor (and Strimko lover) from the US; I couldn't say better:

    "This site [] just sprung up with “chain Sudoku” which is pretty much 100% rip on your strimko puzzles. I’ve been playing and enjoying your puzzles for a long time now and I don’t want to see your ideas get stolen."

    Best Regards,
    Peter Grabarchuk
    The Grabarchuk Family