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  • OneBun
    Well, the site is really dedicated to the MMORPG more than anything now. The site's still up, >>HERE<< but I'm thinking that you mean the game engine the offerd before. It's difficult to monitor both techie stuff as well as run a game. It's a lot of work, so it appears they've focused on just Vengence. It also appears they have shifted their focus from xbox to Wii. Are you looking for a specific platform to use such as for xbox360, like offered before. If so, just post or PM me if you like, I might have more info to be able to direct you to other ideas.

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  • KavienD
    started a topic Exod Games

    Exod Games

    whatever happened to Exod games? the creation tools they had were amazing! did they change the name? are they dead?
    and is there any other sort of creation tools like Exod?