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  • TreasureQuest
    Here is a simple code for fun

    Here is a simple clue from something else that I did. It's pretty easy. If you want any more free riddles and codes, they are here

    Seven by Four is easy to do.
    The answer then will come to you.


    This is easy, can anyone solve it?
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  • TreasureQuest
    started a topic The Quest Interactive E-book Game

    The Quest Interactive E-book Game

    Hi all, just announcing this new game is out. The entire game is now free! I decided to give it away. (The first clue is actually a little tricky) Here's a bit more:

    You get to be the main character in an interactive National Treasure like E-novel! Get the Professors Journal with pictures and information he collected to solve the mystery of The Quest.

    Every time you solve a clue you go online and get another clue and more information, until you solve the mystery! There is nothing else like it in the world, and you can start playing for free!

    If you think you are ready for a real adventure, using riddles, anagrams, puzzles, codes, and your imagination, try it! You'll get the Professors Secret Notebook (electronic pdf format) and the first clue for free!

    Sign up now and be one of the first to get the journal and first clue free.

    Cipher, Vigenere, Codes, National Treasure, Pigpen, Book Cipher, Clue Hunt, Magic Square, Polybius Square, ROT13
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