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  • Minecraft

    This is a summery of what Minecraft is;
    There are two different versions of Minecraft; Minecraft classic and Minecraft Alpha.

    Minecraft Classic is a free online sandbox type building game. You may build alone or with friends (or people you don't know) Build with cubes. In solo enjoy a Randomly genorated island full of wonder! With it's classical pixelated graphics ,(Similar to Super NES Graphics) you are sure to enjoy building houses, roads, Dinosaurs with top-hats, or just plain any thing that comes to mind.

    Minecraft Alpha: Alpha is paid for once, but well worth the cost. If you enjoyed the classic, you will enjoy this Survival mode even more. While it's day time, collect resources and explore the Wondrous marvels of the infinite, randomly generated worlds. Build the houses that you will live in and have fun, but at night watch out! The monsters come out! With such monsters as the fearsome Skeleton, the spooky Zombie, and the annoying, explosive Creeper, survival is a challenge in it's self! or, if fighting isn't your style, lay back and click the difficulty button to "Peaceful" and no monsters(there are still pigs, ducks, sheep, and cows, though piggy, piggy, piggy!) If you enjoy surviving this is the version for you

    Minecraft is available here:

    Minecraft is still in alpha, and is 50 % off of alpha until beta comes out.
    Minecraft uses Java.

    Minecraft Is Copyright 2009-2010 Mojang Specifications and is designed by Notch

    I am but a fan and love this game.
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    It's one of the most interesting games I've played, it attributes endless opportunities for search, adventuring, crafting, building and shaping the world all around you.You decide what are you doing in your fantastic, aimlessly generated world and your own selection is, what you'll build, and what will you see. You can build, you can discover or you can kill everything in vision.


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      I got stuck in the game and need help.