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    the economic activities of the moles are sustansually higher than billoddyville because who wants to live in a town where bill oddy is emporer, even tony blair is not as annoying, saying painstacually how to not cull a badger in 101 different ways.....sooo patronising, any body agree? or was it how to cull a badger in 101 different ways i get confused......

    I have completed FFX-2 and got catnip!!! YAY
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    How do you get cat nip?


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      Originally posted by nightshade16
      How do you get cat nip?
      do you you want to know?


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        cat nip comes from a plant

        you get it from the plant
        Do the Dew


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          Yes I want to know. Also what is the plant?


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            Download Games Chat

            Okay I been Playing the Ratchet and Clank game for a while but then after I got to the next planet I saved and turned off my game

            Then I turn it on again and I load up my game
            all I see is the spaceship flying but doesn't land

            It keeps doing it until it freezes

            Is this suppose to happen or is it because this rented game is a peice of crap

            Should I just buy the game? in new condition or what?
            Do the Dew


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              New condition.
              Hey there, if you get stuck with anything just send me a message and let me know


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                Yeah I was thinking about that

                When I find a new one on shelfs ,Ill Buy it

                I mean there like 20.oo dollars
                Do the Dew


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                  I love that game!Best game ever!


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                    I LOVE THE JAK AND DAXTER SERIES

                    im beat tehm all but jak x combat racing witch im on the green eco cup.... has any1 heard of them?

                    or not

                    oh i just beat jak x it was fun =)
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                    what comes around comes again


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                      I've Heard of them,I only have Jak 2 though
                      Do the Dew


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                        Star Wars Battlefront 2

                        I got this game last Saturday, and it is a really good game. I'm not a Star Wars nut, but you don't have to be to enjoy this game. If you like third/first-person shooters then this is a good choice.

                        I agree with you. And I actually understood what you said, we must both inderstand each other.

                        *Looks at username.*

                        Ahhh... Now I know why...
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                        It's random! It's crazy! It's randomcraziness!!!!


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                          I'm also the first person shooters fan, but i'm not gonna buy that game your talking about, i'm addicted to counter strike


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                            OK you don't have to buy it. But it may be good for a rent.
                            It's random! It's crazy! It's randomcraziness!!!!


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                              Star Wars Battlefront 2

                              This game is amazin i like the rise of the emoire the first level