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Which is better, Halo series or half life series

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  • Which is better, Halo series or half life series

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    Half-Life series
    Halo Series
    Don't know what Half life is
    Don't know what Halo is
    Don't know what either are
    I Like them both
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    If you don't know about them klik
    here for half life
    here for halo

    I like them both, buuuut Half life is my favorite

    To state ups and downs of both, i would say...

    Graphix wise: Half-life

    Multiplayer: Halo

    Single Player story: Half life

    Co-op: Halo

    Innovation: Half life

    Level Design: Half life

    Weapons: Tie
    Half life two has the gravity gun but otherwise boring weapons (although the laser guided rocket launcher is a favorite)
    But halo has the majority of weapons, although that is also burned down by the fact that you an only hold two at a time : P

    length: Half-Life

    HUD/Health and armor: Halo
    the shield is just too good

    Mele: Halo
    Slamming bad guys with the butt of your gun is too fun

    Thats all i can think of

    Share your Thoughts
    Time is a mysterious thing. never eat it.


    • #3
      For me: Half life is much better than halo three.
      They both have amazing storylines but I think the half life storyline is more elaborate. The weapons system is better in Half-life. You can carry more than two weapons. Plus, the gravity gun is amazing. And the half-life games 1 and 2 were amazing. Halo started getting boring as the series progressed. Until they got to Halo 3 and that just bored me to tears.


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        Time is a mysterious thing. never eat it.


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          AH MAH GAHD!!!
          *high fives*


          • #6
            never played em!! i put neither up its the only 1
            So glad to be back.

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            • #7
              halo needs something new...
              forge was different, but other games had done that kind of thing before

              portal takes place in the half life universe, so it can be counted into the series and that was a BIG, innovation

              Plus half life has gman
              Gahd he scares me
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              • #8
                you say the story of HALF LIFE is better than halo's?
                woah ho ho
                slow down my friend this is someone who knows the complete and entire story of halo
                your talking to! lol
                you know about the forerunners and stuff or just the basic stuff you learn from playin through the games and watchin the movies?
                cause theres alot of info in the books,
                the halo 3 terminals,
                marathon (yes marathon IS connected to halo)
                tons of stuff!
                where as half life i dont know the story cause i just played the game through
                got bored and started making gman dance in gary's mod lol but that's beside the fact
                i dont really know the hl story but i cant imaginit beating the freaking epic story of halo
                can you sum up the hl story for me? thx a bunch
                and if yall need me to il explain anything you dont get about halo
                I've got a riddle for you guys.
                PM me or just tell me in chat what comes next in this uhh, well, (how to describe it?) Saying. (I guess)

                What does the scouter say about his power level?
                (hehehe I love this part)


                • #9

                  The Forerunners are a long-lost species which are first cryptically mentioned in the first halo. Little is revealed about the Forerunner in the video games, but Halo 3 reveals to players that humanity is in fact related to the long-dead race; humanity is thus the only race which can "reclaim" the keys which activate the Halo network. According to the official backstory to the series, the Forerunners came to power after the extinction of an even more ancient race, known to them as the Precursors, and formed a galaxy wide empire more than 100,000 years before the events of the main Halo Story Arc. Mysteriously, the Forerunners then vanished, leaving behind many relics, including massive Ringworlds known as "Halos". The Covenant in turn worship the Forerunner as deities and relentlessly search for Forerunner relics. The reason for the Forerunner's disappearance is revealed in the first Halo, when the artificial intelligence Cortana enters one of the Halo's computer networks and learns the truth about the rings: they function as weapons of mass destruction, and were activated by the Forerunner as a last ditch effort to halt the spread of a virulent parasite known as the Flood. Although the parasite's spread across the galaxy was halted, the Forerunners paid a terrible price— they, and all sentient life in the galaxy, were annihilated as well, starving the Flood of sustenance.

                  Anything else you want to know??
                  Time is a mysterious thing. never eat it.


                  • #10
                    That's just my opinion though, so, I guess it really doesn't change a whole heck of a lot.


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                      Have yah played both, because what i'm constantly seeing is one-sided opinions from people who have only played one of the two.

                      Plus, you don't give any reason behind your claim.
                      Time is a mysterious thing. never eat it.


                      • #12
                        I voted i like Half Life but when i played Halo 2 again i now like them both.
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                          The only good reason Halo is popular is because it was the first decent FPS on a console.
                          I voted for half life 100%. It might be the greatest FPS of all time.
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