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What Are Your Dreams, Hopes and Wishes??

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  • What Are Your Dreams, Hopes and Wishes??

    This thread is for all of us to share our dreams, aspirations and goals in life!!

    I'll start:

    When I was about 8 or 9 years old I wanted only 3 things:

    1. To marry the love of my life
    2. To become a mummy
    3. To become a published author

    On February 16th 2008 I married Ross B., the complete love of my life!

    On May 19th 2009 I gave birth to my beautiful baby boy Ryan!

    ...and on September 12th I published my first book! AND made my first sale!

    Sooooo I need some new goals!!!

    Now I'd like to..

    1. Publish more books
    2. Have more children
    3. Go to University
    4. Star in play

    What is everyone elses' dreams and achievements!?!
    Last edited by Mistery; 09-14-2009, 00:57:49. Reason: blanked out last name, please do not share full names :)
    ~Official Author In Progress~ = um actually.

    I'M A PUBLISHED AUTHOR NOW!!! - My very FIRST book!!

    Totally addicted to Bass, wow ow oww!

  • #2
    A log cabin on the outside but with all the amenities and guilty pleasures inside.

    I have already drawn the floorplan. It came in a dream.

    Then change my UserName to GrizzlyRBS.


    • #3
      I want to have a career in forensics
      live by the ocean or in the country
      and learn to play the guitar
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        My dreams got crushed when I got sick.. Illness ruined every hope and wishes I once used to have. Now I only have dreams about my fears and present.

        My biggest fobias: Clowns and ants.

        Number 1 nighmare: Clown chases me down a dock. He has a machete and he's running after me. I dive into the water, he can't come after me because his face will "melt" off.. I climb up on a slippery black rock. Everything around me turns pitch black, the only thing I can see is his face in the distance, he's standing at the dock, just waiting for me.
        Number 2 nightmare: I'm trapped on a really high stair, like the stairway to heaven sorta.. A shiny long wide white stair. Ants are coming from below, gaining on me. The stairs have no end, and I get tired at the end.. I give up and the ants catches up with me.


        • #5
          @Tixie...I'm so sorry to hear about your illness. I hope one day you can find yourself with new hopes and dreams that you may still attain.

          And your nightmares? Scary!!!


          • #6
            To get optimum health and vitality


            • #7
              To leave a legacy. No matter how small it may be.

              I want something people can remember me by.


              I want to be a good person.
              Time is a mysterious thing. never eat it.