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Museum of the Odd!

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  • Museum of the Odd!

    Had any weird experience? Something odd about yourself you wanna share?
    I do! And I hope others will share my interest and post personal curiosities.

    Ok so here are a couple of mine:
    - I saw two shooting stars in the same place, exactly a year apart.
    - I've seen UFOs.
    - I'm diabetic [I've come to like it. It's been 11 years now.]
    - I believe angels are ordinary people, which are "used" by something greater to deliver a message, encourage someone, etc.
    - I can predict weather! The day before a storm or even a slight rain comes, I feel kind of odd, can't explain it really, but I'm positively sure it'll rain the next day. And it does!
    - So this may be my greatest oddity: Once when I was little I was awoken in the middle of the night by a chainsaw-like sound. It was a very strong, piercing noise. As I awoke, I looked through the window and saw a couple of lights "staring" back at me. My half-asleep brain made up a somewhat silly answer for these events. I thought that the neighbours were partying and those lights were just some fixed streetlights they installed for the party. And I didn't give it much thought and went back to sleep. Next morning, the obvious came to true: there had been no party, and hell... there weren't streetlights in front of my house. That's as much as I remember. A loud sound, a peek outside the window, some lights and a quick glance at a nearby clock. When I woke up it was 12:15AM, as I turned back from the window it was 1:05AM already... odd huh?
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    omg! thats very interesting! so your diabetic ? my gran is aswell
    and you've seen shooting stars!! i would love to see one

    i cant think of any odd things about me just now but i will think!

    "Whoever said money can't buy happiness
    simply didn't know where to go shopping."


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      I can wiggle my little toe without moving any of my other toes .... thats odd right

      The unspecifically shaped member of the Looney Bin


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        One time I drank soda with Hot cocoa. I felt sleepy.
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          dazed well..yeah you could say that...

          "Whoever said money can't buy happiness
          simply didn't know where to go shopping."


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            Ah yes I forgot another one, the 2nd toe in both my feet is larger than the first. I inherited that from my grandpa who is the greatest person in the world to me, so I'm real proud of that
            Revolution is NOW!
            ~~~>)))°> "w00t!"


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              wow lotsa random stuff happened to you volkor


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                i can independently move the 2nd toe on both feet
                i saw a ghost when i was 8
                i get deja vu...alot
                and i sleep with my eyes half open

                ^^ u can say im kinda weird i guess
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                • #9
                  Here's something weird:
                  Somehow clouds affect how my day is going. When it's clear, no worries,
                  when its cloudy, so-so, and raining, sick.
                  Locked in the Gamershood Hotel

                  Online Family: Swim Girl (mom) Someguy (dad)

                  Forever alone.