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Chit Chat 6

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    Guest replied
    A kitty looking at birds, hmmm... Picks Kzin up and ties a cat bell around his neck. Now the birds should be safe.

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  • Kzin
    Wow, don't know if you posted them before but they are marvelous.....I like the colours and now I really want to sit there on nice eve and watch them...

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  • Frantic Freddie
    I think I've posted these before,but they're too cool not to re-post:

    A calliope on one of our feeders:

    A rufous on my finger:

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  • Frantic Freddie
    Originally posted by Kzin View Post
    @Adventure.....I didn't even think about that... Me good cat not eat Freddie's birds....
    A hummingbird wouldn't even be an appetizer to a Kzin,so I'm not worried

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  • EscapeGirl
    You guys are hilarious!

    Nice to see this thread moving a bit. Nice pics everyone, and I can proudly say that the pic Adventure posted of the wine thingy was not on my Facebook! Phew.


    I killed the chat.

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