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    Proof †
    Bugz †

    from the band d-12 are deceased


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      Feel Good Music?

      Hey guys, ol' Dar here, I was wondering if there was a song you love to listen to when you're down, sad, or mad?

      My song is Grace Kelly, by Mika.
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        Since your suggested thread is very similar to this one, I have merged them.


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          Music that helped me through rough times

          I listened to all of Dan Fogelberg's albums mostly when I was in college. I was surprised and saddened when he passed away around Christmastime last year. I searched youtube to hear and see some of his work and found this guy. Despite his "dorkiness" I am amazed how many talented people (like him)there are who will never get a record deal. This is a shorter video of his and if you like it give a listen to his cover of Fogelberg's "Sand and the Foam"


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            Whats a song you really love and its Meaningful to you

            She Believed Acoustic.I have very meaningful songs to me .i just dont feel like naming the others .She believed i can relate to it the a part of the song goes "You had a heart like a hero, You sang a song that only I could ever know,
            Where would I be without you, where would I be?

            How could the softest heart be separated by the word goodbye?
            She believed in Heaven, yeah,
            She believed in everybody else,
            She believed in miracles, but never let them help
            Honey, Honey take my heart like money and run,
            Honey, Honey take my heart like money and run,
            She believed in everybody else but never in her, never in herself

            i dont Believe in myself but the world .i Believe in everyone else .i could run from myself .i Could send out the love to everyone but myself.


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              Il Divo : Amazing Grace

              Superb quality for YouTube, sounds great even on computer. Wonderful arrangement.



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                Just for the record, i'm a big fan of that band - il Divo.

                Just to soften things a bit from this latest worries we have worldwide, i have a music that i have been listening to it over and over again that fits perfectly well to the title of this thread - a music that touches your soul.
                this is a version of a fado from one of our most famous fado singer -Amلlia Rodrigues. And this was like a tribute to her.
                It's played in a different tune, i mean not as a fado but as a pop song, and the singer is a portuguese girl with a wonderful voice.
                Quite amazing. Here is the link:

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                  the song that makes me feel like nothing else can is Talk by Coldplay. When i listen to that song, i feel amazing. Its basically indescribable
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                    Music that touches my soul..."Happy" by Tracy Chapman. I don't know what's the secret but every time I hear it i start crying and become so sensitive! This woman is a genius.

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                      No doubt music is the diet of soul. I also listen my favorite music which help me to skip boring and take excited me.


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                        There have been a few songs that really touch my soul. I want to share here

                        When You Were Young" by The Killers

                        Only Time" by Enya reminds
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                          Music helps me enjoy life and positive thinking to overcome difficulties in life