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Shannon Mathews

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  • Shannon Mathews

    9 year old Shannon mathews never came home from school one day and had dissapeared for about 2 weeks or more and she was found in her stepdads uncles or sumfin hid under a bed with rules saying dont go near the windows,dont make noise ect.We later found out that shannon had been drugged up and her mother knew were she was but done it so they could get the millions of pounds money for her dissapearance,as the man who had her said he was going to let her go and claim he found her walking around and claim the money.Karen mathews(shannons mother) is still waiting for her prison sentence

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    Its propa sly on shanonn she must be terrified x


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      Shannon Mathews

      Gabrielle commented on the matter through her official Facebook:

      I hate to be seen agreeing publicly with Shannon ONeal, but...