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  • Weather in england: Rain....... more rain........ 1 second of sun then rain!!
    clouds...... rain
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    • (@Mistery
      OMG! )

      The snow has completely melted away, in here. Now, all we have is cold, cold and cold weather. Actually, it's not that cold as it used to be some days ago...
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      • Very cold with rain showers off and on. The hills nearby got snow!! That's unusual for my area!!! BURRRRRRRR!!!


        • Today day we have had : Sun, snow, rain, gail force winds, hail stones and fog

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          • Hiya Jenni, looks like you got a busy sky.

            Its grey here, cold, and wet. No fun to work in, but I would love to stay home and watch movies when its like this.
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            • Frosty


              • snow...times about 4 feet.


                • Wind and rain, and wind and more rain!!


                  • more snow, and double under freezing tempratures.


                    • We got another 6 or 7 inches of snow over night I have not seen this much snow since I was a kid. We don't know where to put it anymore LOL

                      @Someguy????? double freezing temps????? We live in the same state, and if I do the math, double freezing temps would be -64 degrees. I think you might want to check those temps again LOL 4 feet of snow at a time????? LOL (It's getting deep)
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                      • It's really cold here (like -30 something celcius, and I think that's without the wind). Sunny though. Two nights ago we had blizzard-like conditions, yesterday it snowed some more and with strong winds it mimicked blizzard conditions again (went down to -45 celcius [with wind] last night!). I had a few good inches of snow on my window screen... then last night, I'm sitting here in my dorm room looking out the window, thinking "gee, it's stuffy in here. I'm going to open the window for a few minutes." Guess where the snow went.

                        Now I just hope my window hasn't iced shut.
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                        • @Sunflower....LOL! I bet you cooled down real quickly though, huh?

                          We're pretty chilly here, and have rain showers. As usual, that makes me REAL happy! I just love the rain!


                          • were having snow, strong winds and gust, and below freezing temps

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                            • Us to Shinning freezing rain, sleet, high winds. It is suppose to be a heck of a storm, they have already closed schools at 1:00 today, and school is canceled for tomorrow.


                              • Snow!!!!!