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  • Aww... I missed the Lunar Eclipse for the same reason. (But ours was around 7:30 pm last night. )

    On the other hand....we're having RAIN! Lots and lots of RAIN!


    • The bad news here, the roads are covered in ice. The good news, my workplace is closed so I get paid to sit on the couch today and watch TV.


      • Nice! You're VERY lucky! (Just hope you don't have to drive anywhere today. )

        We have off and on showers, then some sun, then off and on showers. Weather can't seem to decide what to do.


        YAY! This was on the front page of our newspaper! (Edited slightly to avoid giving my location. )

        Storm warnings
        A storm is expected to hit tomorrow morning with 50-mph winds and heavy rain.


        • REALLY wild weather here...Escape would LOVE it, let me tell ya!

          "Whoever said money can't buy happiness
          simply didn't know where to go shopping."


          • The storm was a flop. Just some rain and a little wind. No biggie. It was nice, though. I think I'd rather have Jenni's weather.

            Now we are just partly cloud to sunny for the rest of the forecast. No more rain in sight.


            • You sure do like rain, don't you Escape?

              Sunny here, though a bit windy. Melting a little, too. It's nice out, as long as you don't step on any ice or slush. *lol*

              Funny thing last week. Last Saturday was a really weird one for weather. I was home for break, over at my grandparents. It had been sunny/cloudy/a little snow/a lot of snow/blizzard/sunny/lots of snow etc etc etc for the whole day. It was also +2 C, so the snow was very wet. I guess at night it was cold enough to cause some the wet snow to freeze. Everyone's in the kitchen, I'm in the livingroom watching hockey....

              Environment around me: *flash* *dark*
              People in the kitchen: "Awww..." and "you got candles?" (spoken by my cousins *lol*)
              Me: *Blink* *Brain catches up* "It's sure dark in here!" *get up, avoid coffee table, avoid chair, promptly run into grandfather sitting in the middle of the kitchen*
              "Buckle up! It makes it harder for the aliens to suck you out of your car!"

              Why is it that when someone tells you that there are billions of stars in the universe, you believe them. But if they tell you that there’s wet paint somewhere, you have to touch it?


              • Aaaaah, a biiiiig storm is going on here (no rain, just a very strong wind - the house is shaking; and a lot of car alarm systems switched on because of the shaking )!

                Ummm, and Escape just wanted to visit me - she was trying to get hold of the wall when the blast came, but... she flew away. Where is she?

                Click image for larger version

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                • LOL!!! Listen closely and the voice you hear in the wind is just me.....blowing by! I'll let you know when I and where I land. I just wanted to visit you!


                  • Mistery, we had a big storm here last week! Luckily it's away to you now....

                    Weather today was not bad actually

                    "Whoever said money can't buy happiness
                    simply didn't know where to go shopping."


                    • The weather's been fine the last couple of days but yesterday it suddenly started to snow. I don't know what's going on, but it's back to normal again. Probably this Global Warming thing.

                      Happy endings are just unfinished stories...


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                      • The forcast says snow and cold over Easter here

                        So I'm going to wear the underwear from the 18th century from the above pic


                        • Winter? In easter? Winter doesnt start until June in Aussietralia


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                            • @Mistery
                              I never thought there'd be snow at such a time of the year!

                              Here in Portugal the weather is okay, it seems that it is slightly confused though. One day is raining non stop, the other day it is so sunny that it even burns The past few days have been pretty windy!
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                              • Nothing but spring weather over here in my corner of the world. All sun...a few passing clouds, and mild warm temps. Nice, actually. Though I wouldn't mind some rain.