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I was shocked to hear that on the news!

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  • I was shocked to hear that on the news!

    I am sorry may be the wrong place for a post! But have you heard that Heath Ledger recently died in NY!
    So young and Such a great Actor! Rest in Peace!!!
    it's too sad
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    yea i was at home when it first came on the news which was about 12 pm(in my area) i was kind of shocked


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      in general, I didn't like the guy to much.
      But, this is still a death to an innocent person. I still feel bad too.


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        Yeah, I heard that last Tuesday, at about 10pm. I had just checked my email, signed out, saw his picture on the news page. I didn't pay much attention then, but looked at the headline underneath. Had to do a double take, then I had to read the article. Still hasn't really sunk in yet. It's sad... I liked the guy. He was a good actor, and had he had more time he could have been better.
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