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How bout gas prices?????? Huh!

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    I have heard about Europeans having to pay such high prices that it almost seems funny that we Americans are complaining about it. But then that leads me to ask, what is the average income there, and what is the minimum wage for your countries? As that comes into play as well. For example, minimum wage here is $5.75 (if I remember correctly.) That's not much, when gas in my area is ranging from $4.59 - $4.69 per gallon.

    Just curious to see what the difference is with the minimum wage factored in. I read somewhere that some countries in Europe have a minimum wage of almost $20/hour.

    EDIT @ Mistery: Same thing is happening here with all costs of living: travel, food, clothes, etc.


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      yea milk too.
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        Well, we don't have any minimal wages defined by a law (yet).
        But many branches have some guidelines, or even a rule for a minimal wage within that branch.

        From what I know, a minimal wage in practice (if not an illegal job where people get completely abused) is around 14 Swiss Francs, which is meanwhile almost the same amount in USD (for the conversion I mean )

        I think these things are very complex, and almost impossible to compare.
        Even if we would know the minimal wage, we didn't count other usual costs for e.g. an apartment or food - which can also differ very much from country to country even within Europe.

        But I think we all can agree that gas is getting very expensive, so that more and more people are having huge problems to get some - and that the transport costs make food and other things also too expensive for the poor people - even in so called "rich" countries.


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          Ah.....interesting. And yeah, it's very true about the cost of living expenses and such. I still wish we could have electric vehicles back on the market. That would be nice. No using gasoline at all.


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              Yes!! That's even better - and FASTER!


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                The minimum nett wage per hour is here: 6.53 Euro, thus $ 10,12
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                  With the fuel crisis here in England, prices are around £2.00 a litre.
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                    prices went up to $3.99 now and so did food and clothes too like that helps

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                      Yeah, here the same problem. Because of the raise of the gas prices, also food, public transportation, and many services get much more expensive


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                        i no that buggs man i hate it
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                          Same here. And gas is now $4.63 a gallon. (I know that sounds cheap to Europeans. ) But with all the gas, food, cleaning supplies, and clothing prices going up, and our wages not...things are getting very, very difficult.


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                            i no like i used to only pay like 30 to fill up now it takes 50................but i cant complain the gas prices over here in nm are only 4.09 at most
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