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  • Archery

    I know it's not exactly a popular sport but people here are around the globe. So anyone here every try archery? With the bow and arrow. I shoot competitive compound (the fancy one with wheels and junk) in winter and traditional (like the native americans) in summer until we go to an traditional archery fest at the end of July. I love it. For anyone who has never tried archery, I suggest trying your hand at it. There is no best, just beat yourself!

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    We had a few days of archery class back in high school. But I was never very good at it. I can see why it would be fun, though.


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      Ya. I have bow and arrow in back yard and target. Im not exactly what you would call good. Once I hit the chain thats holding my target up and arrow went spiraling to a pet lady house she wants m e to be careful because it could hurt her dog. same thing happened but it went 3 yards over instead of going to pet ladys house. I'm wanting my dad to put board abover target but he hasn't.
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