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    How you can make it so that when you pick up a object (let's say for example a key), and then it disappears? I can make it so that it disappears, but when going to another frame and back to the same, it comes back... I guess you need some actionscript for that. Can anyone help me?

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    hmm i need the same help ive been trying to make a room called the red room but i cant make it click the key or anythin its just like a picture
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      hmm, just make the key a movie clip. Drag it into the stage, and give it an unique name where it says instance name. For example mc_key.

      Now open the actions tab for the frame and use this code:

      mc_key.onPress = function() {

      //you have two options:
      mc_key._alpha = 0; //will make it transparent, but still clickable

      removeMovieClip("mc_key");//will remove it from the stage...better choice

      //and a side note, you can always just move it around using:
      mc_key._x = ..
      mc_key._y = ..

      Hope this helps, my first post