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New Game: The Legend Of Vraz

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  • New Game: The Legend Of Vraz


    My name is Ayush and I am from Zatun, a video game development company in India. We are working on a 2D action adventure platformer game “ The Legend of Vraz “ for PC. This game is being created using the Microsoft XNA framework and it features never seen before 2D graphics, cute characters and an enthralling game play set in exotic Indian locales.

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    Great!! Please keep us updated on the progress of your game!


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      We have developed a unique 2D action adventure arcade game for PC titled – “ The Legend of Vraz “ . This game was created using the Microsoft XNA framework and features a fun filled exciting gameplay of 6-9 hours amidst fantasy worlds created with stunning hand painted 2D art and inhabited by mesmerizing characters.

      Our site:

      Our videos:

      Level 4 Video:
      Level 3 Video:
      Level 2 Video:

      Game Premise:

      Vraz the prince is in love with princess Avi and to marry her has to complete the 5 tasks set by Avi’s father while battling with the evil lovelorn Vizier and his shrewd accomplices in exotic worlds filled with dangerous obstacles.
      Prince of Persia (2D) + Braid style art – blood and violence = Legend of Vraz

      Game USP:
      • A fun, fascinating and a forgiving gameplay providing a unique player experience by encouraging and testing the player’s skills simultaneously.
      • Exquisite and spectacular hand painted 2D Art in Indian Miniature Painting style.
      • Cute and adorable characters having their own distinct personality and AI (Artificial – Intelligence).
      • 14 different enemies and 15 stages with 4 distinct locations and each location providing a feeling of fantasy of being in an exotic land.
      • An incredible soundtrack immersing the player completely in the game.
      • 5 different upgradable arrows and the ability to control the prince both with mouse and keyboard or mouse only or keyboard only depending upon the user preferences.


      Thanks a lot for your time and I look forward to your comments.



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        Not my sort of game but it looks very cool with an interesting plot. Reminds me of an Arabian Nights style to me.