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Escape game : Escape from the room with no door

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  • Escape game : Escape from the room with no door

    Hello, this is my first attempt to create a game, it's an escape room game (point and click) quite conventional, but i'd like to have some feedback about it!.

    Thank you very much !

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    Hi fredmartini,

    I've got as far as the "movie" is playing, but I don't get the hint
    Up to that point it took me only 30 seconds to play.

    Feedback as far as I have been able to play:
    I guess for a first little game it's not bad
    As far as I see, there is only 1 view. I personally would prefer to have a room where I can turn around to see for example the 4 walls, and look around.
    Since I know French a bit, I had no difficulties, but if you would like to post it on international forums and blogs, it would be great to have it also in English, so that players know what is what.
    First I had difficulties to realize that I could put inventory items at the bottom field. It would make it more clear if you added little squares to the inventory, this would be a more visible cue for players in my opinion.


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      Thank you. I agree that the inventory needs to be improved, i'll do it for sure. I tried to create a an easy starting, but maybe it becomes suddenly too difficult : the reason of the difficulty is that in fact the projector is a confusing element at the beginning, since you can't really use the projector until the "letters on the walls" mystery is solved.

      I understand the demand of a 3d space with the four walls, but as far as I am testing game design, I want to focus on the heart of the game : the four walls would be just a larger surface to put my clues and objects, that wouldn't change the mechanic of the game - but, sure, a 3d world would improve the game experience.


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        I beat it in a little bit of time, I don't know any french and it wasn't a factor at all though of course language options are preferable.
        Not a bad game; should be improved.


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          I've seen the "movie" playing and all I have is a sheet of white paper which didn't seem to fit in the inventory. I thought I could post it through the hole in the wall. Now, if I could just find a pen, I could write a message and someone might help me get out!

          I've enjoyed playing so far .. I assume the "movie" is a clue but I haven't found anywhere to use numbers.

          It took me a while to realise I could zoom in .. but I didn't see anything helpful like a screwdriver to undo the walls!



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            Originally posted by thedestro View Post
            I beat it in a little bit of time
            I'd love to know how !!

            Saw the movie, and went brain-dead.


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              my game

              Congratulation to thedestro, what do you think of the final animation ?

              For those who played the game without attend the end, I think that the difficulty is due to the fact that there are 2 separate tasks, one involving the letters on the walls and one involving the projector. You can't solve one if you haven't solved the other (I won't tell you which you had to solve first )

              A little tip : just observe carefully the environment, the solution is very clear, it's like you have something in front of you that tells you quite directly what you have to do

              If this is not enough, just ask and I'll post the walkthrough... (but that wouldn't be funny)


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                "YOU ARE FREE"

                yay I made it! cool mini game


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                  I like it, but it is very, very short. I admit I've played (way) too many escape games, but I beat this in under two minutes. Very solidly built, though, with nice, logical puzzles. It shows a lot of promise.


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                    The wording is not in English I couldn't understand what it is saying...