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HTML5 platformer - Four Demons (play testers wanted)

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  • HTML5 platformer - Four Demons (play testers wanted)

    Hello all,
    I'm working on an HTML5 Canvas platform game which is mostly complete except for some writing and a few missing levels. The current version is here:
    I was hoping to get some people to play through the existing levels and let me know what they think. I'm mostly worried about difficulty and tediousness. The game is supposed to be hard, but not throw-the-laptop-out-the-window-while-screaming hard.

    Additionally, I would really like to find someone to help me test it on IE9 because I don't have a windows Vista/7 system to test it on. In theory it should work on IE9, but not any earlier version. As a warning, this would probably require a lot of work because no part of the script has been tested in any version of IE. The odds that I could write 4000 lines of javascript with zero IE specific problems on the first try are about the same as the odds that I could head-butt my keyboard for five hours and accidentally write Hamlet.

    Any comments at all will be appreciated. Thanks!