Hi Guys,

I'm new on this forum, so let me say hello!
During last month I've designed and developed a new puzzle game called CONDE.
It's already released for Android platform (free & deluxe versions).

I know the mobile games and puzzle games very well - so I'm almost sure it's totally unique game on this market.
On the other hand I don't know on-line puzzles very well, could you tell me if there is any game which has the same mechanics / gameplay?

Conde is about connecting some sources to receivers using tetris-like blocks with inner "channels". I know games like "pipe game" but that's totally different problem to solve in Conde. Conde is very elegant puzzle, because you can "build" the solution step by step and it scales very well, the gameplay and rules are incredibly simple.

Let me know if you know any similar game?

You can grab and test game here (free version):

and deluxe version:

some game graphics:

Click image for larger version

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You can watch the gameplay here:

any feedback is welcome!