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Most Boring Book You've Read

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    The dark clue by an author I don't even remember.. if you cant sleep at night youll have to read this it helps
    never trust someone who lies to you, never lie to someone who trusts you.


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      Originally posted by SunFlower View Post
      B.F. Skinner? The behavioural psychologist? Now I might just have to give that one a try.

      Boring books... do textbooks count? I'd have to say "Rabbit, Run" by John Updike. It was horrible yet intriguing all at the same time. Had to read it for my intro English class about 4 years ago. Upon reading it, you'd think that the author had absolutely no grasp of punctuation, or even grammar in some cases. *lol* It was like a bunch of rambling thoughts. And talk about small details... The car radio literally rambled -- "*song name* *song name* *commercial* *news* *weather* *sports* *song* *another song* *more news* *more weather*"....and on and on.

      I'd also have to say that the "Lord of the Rings" books are boring. I'm on book two, stuck somewhere in the middle of the Ents meeting. I've been there for two years. Maybe three. Love the movies, though. *lol*
      *almost 4 years later*

      OMG! That is the same point where I stopped with reading. But I also loved the movies.

      Well, I already posted in this thread (here) but I like to add that The Face by Dean Koontz was so not appealing to me that I stopped reading after 15 or 20 pages. And that was my third attempt trying to read it.

      Maybe other books of Koontz are more interesting to me, but I never going to give this book a fourth chance.
      Faily of Kzin