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  • Landscapes in adventure games - discussion

    As part of my MA studies in geography, I'm doing an assignment on landscapes and places in computer games. I chose this subject because I love adventure games, and I consider landscapes and sceneries to be a major part of a game: I love it when places in a game (cities, forests, rooms etc.) make me FEEL something.
    Would you please help me gather some information?

    What do you think is a good landscape in a game?
    When you consider games you've played, which places in the game made you FEEL the most, and how?
    Which aspects of the landscape made you feel that way?
    (For example, the D'ni city on "URU- Ages Beyond Myst" made me feel the emptiness: The large open spaces, the dim red-yellow lights and also signs of reconstruction in progress such as the road cones and blockages).

    Please elaborate as much as you like, or be brief if you prefer. Anything goes. If you can supply a link for that game's site, or even better, a picture of the landscape you talk about, I'd be very grateful indeed.

    I think this can develop into an interesting discussion, because I haven't seen this topic in forums anywhere before. I'm posting a similar discussion in several forums because I need to gather lots of information in a short time. Please don't answer twice...

    Thanks a lot, in advance, for cooperating

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    Firstly, game development starts with what engine you will use to make the game. It sounds like you are more into 3D graphics. MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games) often use this feature. Many of the Room escapes & adventures you find here are more 2D becuase they more often use flash creation for game making. If you use this function, you work from a stage (flat surface) & have to be creative in making things "look" 3d. Flash is not a 3D program per say. I would start with looking at game engines first to find a comfort zone with what is the most suitable for you. As far as scenery is concerned, you are limited only by your creativity. As for my personal opinion, the time put into any type of scenery & game difficulty makes a game more enjoyable. I'm not sure if this is what you want to know, so any more questions... please ask here.
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      I play MMPORG and other LAN GAMES, I even play ZYNGA GAMES (like FARMVILLE,CITYVILLE,etc) .. There landscapes differ from each other. In God's War for example(MMPORG),
      the landscape is flat and you have to drag to see what lies ahead. Dark images or surfaces in other LAN GAMES or MMPORG games like the DOTA or Dungeons and Dragons most of
      the yellow,red,blue and green lights with large open spaces. Well it's not that landscapes don't matter at all for they definitely do,it's what makes the game and the gamer feel
      good.. But I am a gamer and the games with a better landscaping or the other is not much of a concern to me, it's how I play and it's how I mastered the game.
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