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    No this is not a game I am creating, I don't have that kind of software.
    It is just a random forum game.
    Make up a character and tell what you are going to do on a day-by-day basis.
    you can interact with the other members (i.e. meet them on the street, at a bar, resturaunt, etc...) or just do some other sort of wierd stuff.

    Character examples:

    description: stick-figure, 6'2", blue eyes, short temper.

    special ailments,abilities...: shoots random fire out of eyes.

    You can make your character however you want, and include whatever catagories you want.

    My character:

    description: person, 5'8", blue/green/hazel eyes.
    also: I can also turn into the GH tiger...cause im cool like that.
    abilities:elemental power control.

    So have fun

    Note by moderation:
    Please make sure that you follow our general rules
    and also the special rules for GH Planet
    Especially be aware of the fact that aggressive behavior won't be tolerated.
    Thank you, and have fun

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    person 6'5",aqua eyes,emo style black hair wit a strip of red in the front.
    also:plays guitar.
    abilities:can use magic.
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      half person half boston terrier,green eyes,black and white with brindle
      abilites:projectile vomiting,drop kicking and finger biting
      wears:im a dog what da ya think! (jeans and a black t-shirt)
      If you want to rebel against your parents, outlive them, outearn them, and know more than they do. -Henry Rollins

      If anybody has the ole Xbox Live, be sure to add me: ArchaicBread


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        *goes to bar and gets drink*