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  • Gamershood Mobile

    It would be so great if we could play all the games that we can play here at GH on our mobile phones like iPhone and Droid. I am never near a desktop and cannot get flashplayer on my iPhone. The world is going mobile, I hope GH catches up!!

    Does anyone else feel the same? Anyone have any good suggestions for games like the
    ones found here for mobile players?
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    I am not sure what GamersHood can do to make future games compatible with the diverse mobiles there are.
    As I see it Mobiles should adapt to make it possible to play flash games or the game creators itself can make games that can be played on mobiles.

    Do you perhaps mean to create a new forum for all mobile games?

    But I PMed our Admin to notify him about your idea and request. If anyone can say something reasonable about it, it's him.
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      I think it would be a good idea, we could have some of our normal games on mobile, plus some games maybe only on mobile. We could have our normal forum on mobile, plus a whole new category on the computer AND mobile called "Mobile Games"

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