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Dr. Wick's Evil Plans - Mission 1

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  • Dr. Wick's Evil Plans - Mission 1

    "Welcome to the Anti-Villainy Unit! As an agent in the AVU, your mission is to thwart the evil plans of Dr. Eugene Wick, ID, his sidekick Platypus, and all the Goons in his front company, Villainy Inc."

    General information about the game / instructions:

    Link to Mission 1:

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    nice game..I have a little promblem at the final challenge..can anyone tell me the name of the graph??
    Edit: Now I get it... XD
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      i cant get the second objective i got the lines to go as far as they can but nothing happens.
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      cool game


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        Same problem. here. Is it automatic or do you have to push something

        NVM I got it

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          that was a pretty good game. Very original. My final score was: OUTSTANDING.


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            OMG calculus

            i can't get the last mission...i feel so daft.

            is there anyone else here?
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              I am stuck on the last one, any help??


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                Cute game! I only got a very good for my final score. Seems they didn't like my title. I put

                which wasn't exactly what they wanted. Oh well. I enjoyed this though. Platypus made the game.


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                  I earned Outstandings in all 4 categories. Named my graph "Rock the Boat"

                  You must move the blue lines and they must stay over water Hint (Look at your cities.). For the last one: Make up a name, then do the multiplication.