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  • Reunion

    Hey, I've just uploaded a new game to my site, Reunion

    It's a calm flash platformer, telling the story of a boy and his pet cat.. it does have high system requirements, but I hope you'll have a go and enjoy it.

    the trailer can be viewed here...

    and the game can be played here

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    i can't get past the draw a circle any got passed that?
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      This is a nice little game...but

      I am through some of it with the purple/pink background. there is a part which I am trying to jump over but keep getting caught by the wind above!! grr. It keeps taking me back to the area where you hang upside down.

      can't really explain more than that.
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        Originally posted by Blondiej1
        i can't get past the draw a circle any got passed that?
        Hold the corner of the note and pull it round in a circle a few times

        Such a frustrating game. Following the cat and moving the sleeping child and either get caught by the wind or fall down!

        I'll come back to it when I am calmer!
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