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    Adventure game. Indiana Jones style.

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    do you remember when everyone used to say first? i do.......... first! lol jk this game is hard on second temple already any help?
    I've got a riddle for you guys.
    PM me or just tell me in chat what comes next in this uhh, well, (how to describe it?) Saying. (I guess)

    What does the scouter say about his power level?
    (hehehe I love this part)


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      What are the secrets that i am missing?


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        The first level was easy but how to pass second level?
        Never mind
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          Finished the first temple with very little health left and no secrets!

          Where were they?


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            I have found 2 secret doors so far

            I got killed by the spiders in the second pyramid, perhaps I might try again later?
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              Certainly not as easy as it looks on first sight, didn't make it through the second temple. They should have more health kits. And the controls suck too, everytime I try to run from the spiders I walk into the wrong direction.


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                I can't figure out the second castle/level, help!

                nevermind got it
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                  level one - got a pink gem! - another secret place I picked up a blue necklace, got a KMart ad on the side *grin* but the necklace didn't show up in my stuff.
                  Room with statue with green gems? appears to be a door that is not open. Hmm. Oh my! swinging blades in another place! A ring that I could have sworn I picked up - all that showed was another KMart ad. LOL Level 1 - score 1150, secrets 3/3
                  Level 2 - ARGH! sliced into little bits - what was left after the spiders attacked. - time for bed
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